Ruins of Trosky Castle Ruins of Trosky Castle Národní památkový ústav 1

Ruins of Trosky Castle

Baba (Old Woman) and Panna (Virgin), the smaller-wider and higher-thinner part of the ruins of Trosky Castle, are a dominant symbol of Bohemian Paradise.

The towers of the ruins of this Gothic castle are worth viewing not only set in the picturesque landscape, but also from those steep crags of volcanic origin in the surrounding area. Although the castle was hard to capture and there is allegedly an extensive network of cellars and escape routes underneath it leading into the surrounding sandstone rocks and underground caves, the castle has been deteriorating since the time of the Thirty Years War. The picturesque ruins are still loved by poets, artists, photographers and all the romantic souls out there.


Státní hrad Trosky, 512 63 Rovensko pod Troskami

GPS: 50.51645840878545, 15.230902545555987


+420 481 313 925

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Aug 11, 2016Aug 14, 2016

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A spectacular show of glass art and making jewelry.


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