Techmania Plzeň

Learning through play: Techmania Plzeň

What would happen to you if you touched 200,000 volts? What is it like to be a spy or weatherman? Try these things out in the flesh at Techmania in Plzeň. This large complex is full of interactive exhibits, which provide an insight into physical laws and their utilisation in technology in the form of play. Techmania presents the frontiers of human knowledge and points to questions which as yet remain unanswered. Find out about learning through play, solve a few puzzles or play at being James Bond in the Top Secret section. You will also see exhibits from the Škoda motor works and the Entropa sculpture by David Černý, which created a real commotion during the Czech chairmanship in 2009 at the seat of the European Union.


Borská ulice, Gate no. 5, 316 00 Plzeň

GPS: 49.737031241418194, 13.35715434968563


+420 737 247 585



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