Písek - stone bridge Písek - stone bridge Ladislav Renner 1
Blatná Chateau Blatná Chateau fotobanka CzechTourism 2
Kratochvíle Chateau Kratochvíle Chateau Ladislav Renner 3
Holašovice Holašovice © Sdružení České dědictví UNESCO 4
Chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou Ladislav Renner 5
Tábor Tábor Ladislav Renner 6
Orlík nad Vltavou Chateau Orlík nad Vltavou Chateau Ladislav Renner 7
Písek Písek Ladislav Renner 8
Šumava Šumava Ivanka Čištínová 9

Between the Lužnice and Otava

Discover the treasures of the countryside held in the embrace of the Lužnice and Otava

Two large rivers, the Lužnice and the Otava, flow through the beautiful countryside in the south of the Czech Republic like blue ribbons. Set out to get to know the harmonious landscape where log cabins and enchanting manor houses with decorated gables alternate with medieval royal cities. This region, which lies in the imaginary shade of the Šumava hills, is the ideal place for rambling through the countryside, discovering the stories of the castles and chateaux here and getting to know the folk traditions which are still alive even after so many centuries.

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