Mcely Wellness Chateau

10. 9. 2013

Mcely Wellness Chateau: The perfect place to unwind

If you fancy a break of the highest standard and in an exceptional setting, head to Mcely Chateau. This is the only “eco chic” five-star hotel in the Czech Republic and prides itself on having been declared Best Luxury Destination Spa in 2012. Whether you’re coming to Central Bohemia for a romantic weekend away, a spa break, a celebration or just for a summer picnic, you can look forward to something special here. Accommodation is in the original chateau apartments, and there’s a wine cellar dating back to the 17th century. You can also enjoy some exceptional dining at our restaurant; we have a spa with its own cosmetics range called Mcely Bouquet, a tower library, a roof observatory and many other surprises. Unwind in the chateau park and by the swimming lake with beaches, sports facilities and a children’s playground.

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