Chodovar Brewery

7. 5. 2013

Beer with all of the senses: Chodovar Brewery

Find out as much as possible about the traditional Czech drink – beer. In Chodovar Brewery, you can taste it, bathe in it and try your hand at brewing it in the Beer Academy. Allow your body to rest in a real beer bath. Therapy utilises a combination of the therapeutic effects of warm mineral water, ingredients used for making beer and massage. The procedures have a curative effect on the skin and hair, relax the muscles, warm the joints and support the immune system. You will literally become younger when you step out of the beer foam. And if you don’t want to go straight home after some pleasant beer relaxation, book a stay in the local hotel to go with your spa or go for a superb meal in the restaurant located in the unique rock labyrinth of the brewery cellars dating back to the 12th century. Try some natural yeast beer draughted directly from the lager barrels in the rock cellars.

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