TOP 100 Czech sights mobile app

Planning a trip to the Czech Republic and want to know which 100 sights you simply cannot miss? No problem! You can download the free app TOP 100 Czech sights, which will tell you not only those sites worth visiting, but also give you information worth knowing before you leave.


Tourist guide
Find out which locations in the Czech Republic are worth a visit! When you decide what to visit during your holiday, we will help you with basic information and photos.

Use the map to see where your chosen destination is located.

Your selection
Select your top sights and create your own list.

Practical information
Want to know how to pay for goods and services in the Czech Republic? Or whether health insurance is mandatory? The Practical Information section can help you.



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Bez-nazvu.pngOffline maps and guides in your mobile phone

Use your favourite paper hiking or cycling maps in your mobile phone! Additionally, you can display tourist attractions and landmarks right above the map with their description, photos and other multimedia content. Travel the world with interactive travel guides with maps featuring variable scales. Plan your vacation with hiking and cycling guides from the best travel publishing houses! You have a complete map and travel guide in your hands and together with an identically looking paper map you truly never have to get lost again!

  • Offline application - use the application without an Internet connection (except when downloading)
  • Special application for mobile phones and tablets with operating system iOS and Android. Special app for mobile phones with operating system Windows Phone from Summer 2014
  • The application is in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Russian and Chinese
  • Maps and travel guides that you know in printed form modified for your mobile phone
  • Display of the user's current position using GPS location
  • Display of tourist attractions directly in the map with their description and photographs.
  • Recommended excursions with tourist attractions along the route and description of the trip, its distance and elevation profile.
  • Place searching in each product
  • Difficulty of hiking trails
  • Recording of routes inside app when is user walking on this route
  • User will be able to create own points of interests – texts and pictures + taking picture by camera directly over app
  • Maps and travel guides of countries and cities, for hiking, cycling
  • Widest assortment of maps and travel guides from Czech Republic and whole world from the professional cartographic and travel publishing companies
  • Possibility to create own custom products and maps on the website and display them in application
  • Augmented reality

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Prague Trips by Public Transport

The City Transport Authority of the Capital City of Prague introduces an electronic novelty for its clients. The passengers can now download to their Apple iPhones the electronic version of the booklet Prague Trips.

This electronic version offers the most attractive trips to the city centre and its close surroundings.

Anywhere and in comfort of a hotel or catering facility every visitor to Prague can study any trip in his or her Apple iPhone, including a map, a city transport connection and GPS coordinates. The application can be used both online and offline. The application must be downloaded from App Store via wi-fi connection. The application is also able to offer a simple image of the trip with the help of Google Maps and a connection to Facebook. Users can thus inform their friends within this social network about which trip they like or have just tried. The electronic version is available for download in App Store.

Main features

  • List of 40 trips with search and filter
  • Online transport connection search (in-app)
  • Interactive map with filter and maps for offline use
  • Trip detail consists of description, photos, transport information and map
  • Latest information about public transport in Prague including fares, tickets, lines, ticket inspection and other
  • You can find a transport connection (only for online use)
  • Facebook integration

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Czech Money mobile app

The Czech National Bank’s first official app, called Czech Money, enables users to view Czech banknotes and coins and their protective elements in detail on iOS and Android devices.

The app offers detailed pictures and descriptions of all valid versions of Czech banknotes and coins together with a backlight function and viewing under UV light. Touch screen control and recognition of changes in the speed, direction and spatial movement of the device (using an accelerometer) imitate the actual behaviour of the banknotes’ protective elements.

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Czech Spa Resorts

The first issue of Czech Spa Resorts catalogue presents the most famous spa resorts of the Czech Republic. You can find selected 4* and 5* spa hotels including their spa facilities in an attractive presentation designed just for an iPad.

The spa industry in the Czech Republic has a tradition dating back hundreds of years. According to an old custom, throwing a coin into the therapeutic springs gave thanks for the recuperation they provided. Many Roman and Celtic coins found in the thermal spas in Teplice are a testament to the fact that the history of the Czech spa industry started 2,000 years ago. The greatest boom occurred in the 18th century, when the spa industry became an integral part of healthcare thanks to the development of science and medicine. At the end of the 19th century, Czech spas gained so much fame that they were spoken of as the salons of Europe. They now hold an important place on the global market, which they achieved by combining natural therapeutic resources with modern curative and rehabilitation methods and superb medical care.

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Czech Days - The official portal 

Bez-nazvu.pngCzech Days - is a publication portal presenting information about Czech Republic.

Once you install the portal Czech Days, you can pick and choose any of the listed
titles you are interested in and download those. Once you downloaded, you are able
to read title without network connection; All titles are readable in off-line

Within the portal, you can find titles related to the following buildings and themes: 
  • Czech Republic Introduction (Cultural Heritage)
  • Prague - 8 reasons to visit
  • South Moravia
  • Czech UNESCO Heritage List (Twelve Czech wonders)
  • Regions in Czech Republic
  • Official govern tourism authorities

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