In the footsteps of aristocrats

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Follow in the footsteps of aristocrats and experience a perfect romantic holiday full of surprises.

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You will visit unusual places that will become an ideal backdrop for creating your very own story and will make space in your heart for new emotions and harmony.
Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the aristocratic seats and the spiritual atmosphere of monumental cathedrals and churches, get lost and then find your way again in the labyrinths and nostalgic nooks.

Central Bohemia - in the footsteps of aristocrats, Loučen chateau (© David Marvan)

Enjoy romance, nobility and a breath of history in the stunning surroundings of the Central Bohemian castles and chateaux that are usually no more than an hour’s drive from Prague.

Karšltejn castle (© Ladislav Renner)

Majestic seats of monarchs

An exceptional position among Czech castles is held by the majestic Karlštejn. It was established in the 14th century by the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place of safekeeping for the royal treasure, collections of saintly relics and coronation jewels. The Chapel of the Holy Cross with a unique set of panel paintings by Master Theodoric will take your breath away with its amazing atmosphere, and every stone in Karlštejn can tell its own ancient story. Another of the famous monarchs chose the Konopiště chateau as his seat. The heir to the Hapsburg throne, Franz Ferdinand, was a passionate hunter and collector. On your tour of the chateau, you can admire his precious collection of arms that is one of the largest in Europe along with hundreds of hunting trophies. When visiting the chateau you must be sure not to miss the delightful park where you can see peacocks, pheasants and quails moving around freely. Fans of modern history will enjoy the unique museum of the famous Czech motorcycle brand JAWA.

Konopiště chateau (© Libor Sváček)

Royal town

Kutná Hora boasts an unusual concentration of significant monuments. The historic centre with the Cathedral of Saint Barbara and Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The royal town dominated by these two splendid cathedrals, and connected with silver mining and minting, offers a wonderful atmosphere and unique experiences. The Cathedral of Saint Barbara is a mature work of late Gothic architecture and symbolises the power and importance of the mining town. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is known as the Cathedral of Light. This architectural gem is fitted with windows entirely exceptional for its time and as such the whole building is permanently imbued with sunshine during the day.

The  Cathedral of St. Barbara (© Libor Sváček)

Romantic moments inside a labyrinth

You will experience romantic moments without compromise at the Loučeň Baroque chateau. Enjoy the original interiors and an extensive English park where you will gradually discover 11 labyrinths and mazes. It is a European phenomenon that you certainly should not miss. Your visit to the Loučeň chateau will be filled with beautiful and romantic moments and you will find yourself being carried away by the atmosphere of times long past. You can add to your experience with a picnic in the chateau park under centuries-old trees, you can get everything necessary for  open-air dining right on the spot. The greatest romantics will use the opportunity to stay overnight in the fairy-tale comfort of the half-timbered Little House of Prince Alexander in the park or in one of the period apartments inside the chateau itself.

Thurn and Taxis secrecy of the post

On your tour through the chateau you will become acquainted with the House of Thurn and Taxis who were the local lords for many years. You will soon understand how important the exhibits are, such as a post sleigh, a painting of a post-coach, historic postal stamps and letter boxes. The Thurn and Taxis noble family became rich mainly by operating postal services, where they had a monopoly for this activity in Italy and basically in the whole of Central and Western Europe. The family of Thurn and Taxis went down in history as founders of the Czech sugar industry. In the chateau dining room you will be astonished by the gorgeous china set containing a barely believable 600 items, received by the last owner of the chateau, Alexander Thurn and Taxis, as a wedding gift. The attitude of the princely couple to art and education is documented in the musical chamber where a family friend, the famous composer Bedřich Smetana, often gave concerts. Put yourself in the care of a butler who will personally lead you through the chambers and tell the stories of the nobles whose spirits are still present in the chateau.

Kutná hora (© Ladislav Renner)

In the footsteps of aristocrats

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