The romantic Liechtensteins

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When the power of nature joins forces with the sensitive intervention of human hands, ravishingly beautiful landscape can be created.

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The original wildness is preserved here but still you feel safe, it is both pleasing and heart warming.
The designed landscape complex extending over 300 km2 surrounding the Lednice and Valtice chateaux was built over centuries by the noble Liechtenstein family.

Lednice-Valtice Area by bike (© David Marvan)

The chateau parks easing into the open landscape, fishponds interconnected with brooks, romantic ruins, imitations of Greek temples, hunting lodges, fragrant forests, wine cellars – all this creates a stunning backdrop for your travels. The ideal means of transport here is the bicycle. The whole complex is inscribed on the World Heritage List.

Valtice Chateau (© Ladislav Renner)

Enter the fairy-tale chateau

The Lednice village was first mentioned in writing in 1222. At that time, a fortress was built here to guard the river crossing. It was acquired by the Liechtenstein family a hundred years later and in the 16th century it was rebuilt to become a representative chateau of this important noble family. The lords of Lichtenstein greatly benefited Lednice and its surroundings. They invited renowned master craftsmen, fountain builders, architects and artists of their time to their court to take part in shaping Lednice. In the mid 19th century, the court architect Jiří Wingelmüller reconstructed the interiors and exteriors of the chateau to give it today’s English neo-Gothic appearance. The well known artists included the architect Josef Hardmuth who designed a number of buildings in the Lednice chateau complex but is much more widely known thanks to one important invention of his. When designing architecture for the local prince, he had the idea of placing graphite into wood, and so the modern pencil was born.

Lednice Chateau (© Ladislav Renner)

Set out to explore

From the end of the 18th century until the mid 19th century many beautiful romantic structures were built near the chateau, mostly in the chateau park. Some of these are now ruins which serve to enhance the magical atmosphere of the park. The Liechtensteins had no ruins in their domain and so they actually had some built. The outer appearance of John’s Castle is deceptive; inside it is a fully functional hunting lodge. On your journeys, you must be sure not to miss the other noteworthy sites. See the St. Hubert Chapel, go to the Obelisk, visit New Farmstead, Three Graces, Diana’s Temple and the Border Chateau and discover many other unique buildings.

Diana's  Temple (© Jan Miklín)

Minaret – an Islamic footprint in the centre of Moravia

Why is there a minaret in the midst of the Lednice park? In Islamic countries it is usually a part of a mosque, but here it stands alone. This structure, unusual for Central Europe, was built in the Moorish architecture style by the architect Josef Hardmuth. If you wish to feast your eyes on the view from its 60-meter height, be prepared to climb 302 steps. The reward will be grandiose. The minaret offers the most beautiful view over and beyond the Lednice-Valtice Complex. If the weather permits, you will see the top of the steeple of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna from the highest gallery of the minaret.

Minaret (© Ladislav Renner)

On foot, in a carriage, by boat or bike

The Lednice-Valtice Complex is very extensive and to walk through it on foot may be demanding for some. If you are not an active walker, you can always travel through a part of the Complex in a horse-driven carriage or in a small boat along the local water ways. The most remote parts of the Complex can be best reached by bike along the Liechtenstein paths. Enjoy an easy ride on two wheels discovering more beauties of the Complex. Where noble people rode their horses in the past you can have your royal moment now, the only thing is, you will have to exchange the horse for a bicycle. And in the evening don’t forget to taste the excellent wine from the Valtice vineyards, then your experience will be truly perfect.

Lednice-Valtice Area (© Libor Sváček)

The romantic Liechtensteins

Mar 25, 2017


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