The Adventurous Heart of Bohemia


Here nature and man have worked together to create a breath-taking location that is truly worthy of its name.

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For centuries, the region known as Bohemian Paradise has attracted tourists, adventurers, artists and dreamers. Its unique atmosphere will captivate you with images that will make your heart sing.
Set out on a journey through an area that was once covered by the Mesozoic sea which later gave way to breath-taking rocky terrain. Hear the call of romance and adventure and feel a sense of achievement as you complete one of the many hiking tracks, reach the peak or enter a “sandstone town”.

(© David Marvan)

Imprints of Time in the Walls of Rocks

Have you heard unusual names like Dragon’s Tooth, Lighthouse, Bandmaster, Skull or Madonna? They are inviting you to walk through the narrow paths between the rocks that have acquired their names and symbolic meaning over the centuries of their existence. Squeeze through the crevices, climb up the narrow paths and enjoy the amazing views. You may have the feeling that stories, people’s lives and even time itself has been petrified in the rocks around you. Sandstone “towns” with their gorges, towers, vistas and paths, sites where precious stones are to be found, castles, chateaux and fairy-tales featuring brave knights, beautiful princesses and rough and ready highwaymen: these are the characteristic features of the totally unique Bohemian Paradise whose exceptional landscape has been listed among UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Drábské světničky (© Ladislav Renner)

Unforgettable Sandstone Architecture

Prachovské Rocks with its vistas and stairs carved in stone, which originated in the Mesozoic Era as sediments at the edges of the sea, will arouse your sense of romantic adventure. Another attractive “rock town” is Hrubá Skála, with the Bukovina arboretum, situated between Valdštejn castle (the oldest in Bohemian Paradise) and the picturesque chateau of Hrubá Skála. You certainly should not miss seeing the ruins of Drábské světničky fortress, with its lovely views of the lowlands around the river Jizera. Also worth visiting are other sandstone regions, such as the Klokočské and Betlémské Rocks, Besedické Rocks with a labyrinth, and Suché Rocks, sometimes also called the Bohemian Dolomites. The tourist track near the timbered farmhouse named Kopicův statek will lead you through a valley with a number of reliefs carved in stone depicting important figures from Czech History.

Kost castle, chateau of Hrubá skála (© Libor Sváček)

A Unique Castle Constructed on Extinct Volcanoes

The dominant features of the region are Mount Kozákov and the ruins of Trosky castle which was originally built on two steep basalt rocks, once active volcanoes. Thanks to the excellent use of the geographic conditions Trosky castle remained impregnable for many centuries. The interior palaces were constructed on the ridge between the two rocks with towers used for defence and also as living quarters. The lower rock is called Baba (old woman) and the slimmer and taller one is called Panna (maiden). Conquer the castle and walk up the unique staircases to the top of both towers.

Ruins of Trosky

Visit the Impressive Heritage Sites of Bohemian Paradise

Expanding over an area of several hundred square metres, the Vranov castle is definitely the Czech Republic’s largest and probably most complex castle. It is situated on a steep cliff by the right bank of the river Jizera. Its builders used the long, narrow, steep ridge as natural fortification. You can climb to the top using the steep stairway carved into the rock. There are also other charming chateaux and castles to see, most have been the setting of many a legend and story. Enjoy the romantic chateau of Sychrov constructed in the neo-Gothic style, the baroque Humprecht hunting manor and the impressive Kost castle, one of the best-preserved castles in the Czech Republic.

Kost castle

Bohemian Paradise

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