A theatrical marvel

Baroque theatre in Krumlov Baroque theatre in Krumlov archive NPÚ (National Heritage Institute), © Věroslav Škrabánek 1

The ancient castle conceals within its walls a one-of-a-kind wonder...

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...whose parallel would be hard to find anywhere else in the world: a Baroque theatre preserved in its original form. Hand-painted stage sets, an ingenious system for moving them around, and instruments for creating sound effects like thunder and hail are a testament to the artistic excellence and technical talent of their creators.

Once a year in the authentic historical setting of the theatre, a modern world premiere is held of a previously unpublished Baroque opera or one that has not been performed in modern times. Visitors to the Festival of Baroque Art thus have the unique opportunity to see costumed epic performances illuminated by candles, approximating as closely as possible a theatrical experience from the 18th century.

Unique Baroque technical equipment
Unique Baroque technical equipment
Technical equipment of the stage © Ladislav Pouzar

Technical equipment of the stage

The technical equipment of the stage, preserved in its original state, is an example of advanced Baroque theatre automation and kinetics, and perfectly corresponds to the staging intentions of Baroque theatre.

Rain machine Chateau Český Krumlov

Rain machine

The sound effect was achieved with a rotating metal drum into which sand was poured, located in the left gallery above the stage.

Wind machine Chateau Český Krumlov

Wind machine

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Photos: Orchestra of the Baroque theatre (© Ladislav Pouzar), Baroque theatre in Krumlov (© Lubor Mrázek)

Photos: Revolving auditorium (© Petr Hasal)


Another theatrical surprise awaits you in the palace garden in the summer months. Here, you will see another unique theatre stage. A revolving auditorium in front of the Bellarie summer palace can accommodate more than 600 spectators and offers an unforgettable experience of seeing classical theatrical works in the outdoor setting of the castle park. This controversial structure dating to the communist era in Czechoslovakia has already heard the death knell and it could be torn down soon. So if you want to be among its 1.7 million viewers, do not put off your visit to Krumlov for very long.

History of the amphitheatre
Rotating amphitheatre