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The magic of Prague in winter: refinement, elegance and style

One of the highlights of the social season in Prague is the Opera Ball, which will this year be taking place on 2 February.

The Opera Ball is continuing in the centuries old tradition of magnificent balls in Prague, which are some of the most important events in the Central European social season. An important anniversary from the field of classical music has been chosen as the theme for the ball – 200 years since the birth of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner, 160 years since the premiere of La Traviata. The jubilee Opera Ball will thus be paying tribute to opera as a musical genre.

A team of technicians will for the tenth time be replacing the 364 seats on the ground floor of the State Opera with a special dance floor. Guests can look forward to spending an evening right in the middle of the action in the most famous works of music and the scenery of the ball night will transport them in its acts to a world of luxury and Parisian cafes or carnival in Venice.

During the evening, the first lady of Czech opera Eva Urbanová will be performing, holder of the Thálie award and an American Grammy. Under the baton of the conductor Robert Jindra, she will be joined for a duet by the leading Slovak tenor Peter Berger. The stage of the Opera Ball will also be welcoming soloists from the Vienna National Ballet, Nina Poláková and Roman Lazik. In order to ensure that the guests sate all of their senses, catering will also constitute an integral part of the ball. This year, the catering will be full of the flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean.

Galerie Miro in Prague, which is above all known for the fact that it holds exhibitions by masters of the global classical modern art, has decided to donate a picture by one of the most famous artists of Russian origin in the world, Yuri Gorbachev, to the charity auction at the ball. The picture is called The Tomcat on Stage and materials such as gold, oil and enamel on canvas were used in it.

History of the Opera Ball

The first ball in the opera house in Prague was held just three years after the war, i.e. in 1948. The future world famous conductor Rafael Kubelík was a member of its preparatory committee at that time. The next opportunity to dance in the Opera did not come until 1993–95. Personalities such as Ivana Trump, Alain Delon, Sir Peter Ustinov, Ian Gillian from Deep Purple or the actress who played Angelika, Michèle Mercier have visited Prague in recent years due to the ball.

Another event in February is full of joie de vivre

The Opera Ball will not be the only global event to be taking place in Prague in February. The traditional Bohemian Carnevale festival also promises a magnificent spectacle, following on from the epic historical allegorical festivities which have been held in Bohemia since the Middle Ages. Bohemian Carnevale takes place in the capital during Shrovetide. The festival is a colourful display of unique skills, refined tastes and dazzling creativity. This year, the people of Prague and the carnival guests will be partying from 1 to 12 February 2013. The flourish of carnival will be on show in the open air, in public places as well as in palaces, museums, restaurants and hotels. The carnival climaxes with a large Baroque masked ball.

Get to know the magic of Prague in the winter

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest connected castle complex in the world with its area of almost 70,000 m². At Prague Castle you must not fail to visit the recently opened permanent exhibition entitled The Treasure of St. Vitus Cathedral. Around 400 very valuable liturgical items, among which you can see the Coronation Cross and unique relics of saints, are on display in St. Vitus Cathedral.