Enjoy winter in the Czech Republic with a discount Enjoy winter in the Czech Republic with a discount 4

Enjoy winter in the Czech Republic with a discount

Regional cards offer discounts on ski passes, on purchase of services and accommodation

Winter is in full swing and the ski centres attract ski enthusiasts not only with their slopes, but also with great experiences. A holiday or weekend stay in the mountains can be made all the more pleasant with a discount card, which offers its holder discounts on ski passes and entrance to entertainment facilities or on purchase of accommodation or catering services.

Winter in the Giant Mountains – only with the Regioncard!

The Krkonoše Regioncard is the first Czech regional card offering a wide range of significant discounts on the Czech and Polish side of the Giant Mountains. The winter version of the card which costs CZK 150 includes discounts on skiing, equipment rental, ski services and ski schools ranging from 10 to 50%.

Straight to the winter fun in Lipno

If you are planning a trip to Lipno, it is worth investing in the so-called Lipno Card, which offers discounts or benefits when purchasing services, not only in Lipno but also in its surrounding areas and even in the towns which you travel through on the way to your destination, i.e. in Písek, České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. A specific example of this is a 20% discount on the price of a ski pass or a 50% discount on evening skiing in Skiareál Lipno or free entrance to the unique Treetop Trail. The card can be purchased for 79 crowns at the Information centre in Lipno nad Vltavou or can be gained free of charge in participating accommodation facilities.

A new type of card – Šumavská karta

You can enjoy yourself to the full not only at Lipno Reservoir, but in the whole of Šumava with the Šumavská karta, which can be used in the Czech part of Šumava (including Pošumaví) and also in the Bavarian Forest. The card exists in monthly, six-month and annual versions costing CZK 200, CZK 400 and CZK 600 respectively. The card can be purchased in information centres all over Šumava as well as in České Budějovice and in Plzeň.

A visitor card for the Jizera Mountains - Jizerky card

Thanks to the so-called visitor card – the Jizerky Card, you gain several benefits and can enjoy a holiday, a few days or a long weekend in the mountains. You can buy the card and then use it on your next visit to the Jizera Mountains, where it can be recharged. The offer of discounts is wide – you can for example make use of a 15% discount on ski passes in the ski centres or a 20% discount on entrance to Aquapark Babylon. The card can be purchased for 60 crowns in information centres all over the Jizera Mountains or you can get it free of charge from your accommodation provider when staying at a hotel or guesthouse.

All of the cards usually come in the form of a plastic card the size of a payment card on which the validity and the name of the holder are stated, this being because the card is non-transferrable. For this reason, the discount provider may ask you to provide proof of your identity. The cards can also be recharged meaning that you can use them for your next holiday.