The city from a different perspective

Night rafting in Český Krumlov

It is said that the best view of the world is from the back of a horse.

In the case of Český Krumlov, the most beautiful view of the surroundings is from a boat. 

The meanders of the river Vltava, which has inspired many artists, give the city its special charm. The river flows right through the historical city centre, creating cosy nooks, leading past the main sights, and affording lovely views from many vantage points and unexpected angles. For example, the Cloak Bridge at Krumlov Castle or the Gothic Church of St. Vitus look their best when viewed from the water. It’s no wonder, then, that seeing the city by canoe is a popular activity.

Bedřich Smetana

Photos: A summer idyl on the water in Český Krumlov (© Ladislav Pouzar), Rafting at night (© Český Krumlov, foto Ing. Libor Sváček)


Lovers of adrenaline can increase their heart rate at three passable weirs. You can test your own sporting prowess or just join the dozens of spectators who traditionally occupy the bridge above the weir directly below the castle to cheer on the brave paddlers.

From a canoe, you can enjoy the conviviality of the city and its pubs all along the way. In the city and around the water you will find dozens of pubs, and some of them are easily accessible right from a boat. Riding the Vltava (Sjíždění Vltavy) is an annual rite in which generations of Czechs have participated. On the water, relationships have begun and ended, and it is a romantic trip on which some difficult obstacles lurk. What’s more, you will get to know the city from a different perspective, visit new places, and meet the local inhabitants. Boaters are friendly and open people and are glad to make you one of them. On the Vltava in Krumlov, you will never be alone.

Český Krumlov’s weirs

Český Krumlov

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