Prague Castle
3. 6. 2014

Discover the stony beauty of Prague

When you walk through the capital city of the Czech Republic, don’t rush. Stop for a while and take a careful look around you. You would be hard put to find such symphony of beauty and elegance anywhere else in the world. Thanks to its magnificence, Prague has provided inspiration for the most eminent of personalities for centuries and has earned nicknames such as the “Golden City” or “Mother of Cities”. Nowadays, entranced tourists from all corners of the planet walk through its lanes, palaces and gardens, writing the next chapter in the story of the most beautiful historical city in the world.

A walk through the city is like a walk through a textbook on architecture. Every building style over the past millennium has left permanent traces here. As opposed to many other European cities, Prague was miraculously spared the destruction of both world wars and has retained its originality, something only a very few cities on the old continent can boast. Romanesque rotundas present at the beginnings of Czech statehood stand here side by side with Gothic churches, whose towers help to make up the distinct panorama of the city, wonderful Baroque gardens decorated with terraces offering breathtaking views, but also sumptuous Renaissance palaces, in which the most powerful people of the time lived. During your wanders through the magical Mother of Cities, you will also find unique monuments to Art Nouveau, Classicism, Cubism, Functionalism or modern buildings designed by leading international architects.

In Prague, it is the journey, not the destination which is important

What should you visit when touring the capital? That is surely the most difficult question that visitors can ask themselves. Which of the hundreds of monuments in Prague should not be missed? You could wander here for a week, a month or even your whole life and you would still keep finding some enchanting new corners and views of the city with its inimitable genius loci. But everybody goes to see the monumental complex of Prague Castle, which is the largest castle in the world and has been the seat of Czech rulers since time immemorial. You must also make sure to take a romantic walk over Charles Bridge with its unique gallery of Baroque statues, both ends of which are guarded by beautiful Gothic towers. You will find the beating heart of the historical city on the Old Town Square with its 600 year old technical miracle in the form of the astronomical clock, standing in the shadow of the twin towers of the Týn Church. But there is no need to carefully plan other individual stop-off points in Prague. This is to say that here more than anywhere else it does hold true that it is the journey, not the destination which is important. All you have to do is walk.

A pulsating city for all pleasures

But Prague is not merely a historical gem. It is also a vibrant and pulsating European city, whose endlessly long list of superb theatres, museums, galleries and clubs help to make up the unique character of this city of a hundred spires. In combination with the world famous Czech beer and gastronomic delicacies, it is no wonder that it is one of the most visited cities in the world.