30. 10. 2013

Ostrava!!! Discover a city which could have come straight from a Jules Verne novel!

This large city in North Moravia is one of the as-yet-undiscovered treasures of the Czech Republic. Ostrava’s main attractions include the fascinating technical monuments of European importance and recently also the famous Stodolní, symbol of fun and a street which never sleeps. The dominant feature of the city is the unique Lower Area of Vítkovice, which was included on the European cultural heritage list.

Prague has Hradčany, Brno has Špilberk and Ostrava has Vítkovice! The Lower Area of Vítkovice is a unique industrial complex dating back to the first half of the 19th century, which provides a superb insight into the tradition of iron production in this area. Through gradual reconstruction, a unique world of technology was created here, which allows you to get to know the steel city really well just like in the Jules Verne novel.

The Vítkovice Iron Works used to belong to the Rothschild family of bankers. Just like Baťa architecture is typical in Zlín, we can admire the typical Rothschild houses in Vítkovice which were used to house the employees of their business.

Onwards to the mines!

When visiting Ostrava, make sure not to miss out on a visit to Landek Park. The largest mining museum in the Czech Republic is a world famous location, where geology, archaeology and mining are combined. Another of the exceptional technical monuments in Ostrava is the Michal Mine, which offers several tour routes, in which you can walk along the authentic path of a miner from the changing rooms, right to the seam itself.

In search of entertainment to a street which never sleeps

Apart from technical monuments, you can also visit the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour or the medieval Silesian-Ostrava Castle in Ostrava. If you like getting a distant view, make sure to climb the tower of the New Town Hall, which rises up to a height of 73 metres over the city. The famous Stodolní Street has become a new phenomenon in the social life of Ostrava. Every weekend, dozens of original bars, restaurants and clubs here fill up with people from far and wide and even from abroad. So if you like having a good time, Stodolní will most certainly not disappoint you.

Where else to head for?

If you are planning to stay in the area for at least a few days, you certainly won’t be bored. Only 30 km from Ostrava is Kopřivnice, a town inherently connected with the legendary Tatra vehicles. Štramberk is also nearby, which looks like it came straight from a fairytale thanks to its tower known as “Trúba”. You can also liven up your trip with a visit to the city of Opava where you must make sure to visit the local co-cathedral.

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