Moravská Třebová

4. 11. 2013

Moravská Třebová: Czech renaissance jewel

Moravská Třebová was founded in the 13th century as a typical colony town on a chessboard ground plan . The most significant architectural sights are Renaissance and Baroque buildings. One of the oldest Renaissance sights in our country – the castle gate, dating from 1492, has been preserved here. The chateau with Mannerist arcades was built in the Late Renaissance style.

The group of sculptures “Kalvárie” (Calvary) on Křížový hill or the Plague column in the town square are examples of Baroque culture. Recently, the town has expanded its cultural offerings with its Chateau festivities (knights' tournaments, fireworks), the  “Days of Slovak culture” festival, and exhibits including collections of oriental art (e.g. an original Egyptian mummy).