14. 11. 2013

Discover the magic of fairytale Mikulov!

In the midst of some stunning countryside strung with vineyards and dotted with white cliffs lies Mikulov in the shade of its own castle. Here you can admire some of the many historic sites the town offers, take a bike ride through the sun-drenched surrounding area or enjoy a glass of superb wine with friends. In short Mikulov is a town you definitely shouldn’t miss on a journey through South Moravia.

Dominating the town is the highly conspicuous Baroque chateau, which welcomes its visitors from atop a high cliff. Inside you can visit the period chateau cellars where visitors learn about the region’s centuries-old wine producing traditions, as well as viewing other exhibitions on the town’s history. A stroll through the charming town centre is a relaxing experience – on the main square you can admire some ornately decorated houses and the imposing Dietrichstein Mausoleum. And why not take a trip up nearby Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill) – at the top you’ll be rewarded with a romantic walk through the town’s vineyards, but the main feature here is the view across the peaceful landscapes which lie between Mikulov and Vienna.

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