Luhačovice Spa

Luhačovice - Jurkovič House
9. 9. 2013

To Luhačovice Spa in search of original architecture

When you feel like having a rest during your wanderings around harmonious South Moravia, set out for Luhačovice. The pleasant surroundings and original architecture of Luhačovice are visited by thousands of people every year, with these visitors enjoying the peace and quiet, some pleasant relaxation and trips into the beautiful surrounding areas. Why don’t you come and experience the unique atmosphere of the largest of the Moravian spas too?


Luhačovice’s natural wealth consists in the cold mineral springs here with their high sodium, calcium, magnesium and carbon dioxide content. With the aid of these, the spa staff here will help rid you of problems of the breathing apparatus, the digestive tract, disorders of the metabolism and illnesses of the locomotor system, the heart and even vascular problems. One of the most famous guests was the Czech composer Leoš Janáček, in whose honour a music festival is held here every July.

Superb relaxation for everybody

However, Luhačovice is also a spa for healthy people. All you have to do is choose one of the wellness programmes and rid your mind and body of stress with the aid of pleasant pearl baths and spas or unique wraps, compresses, inhalation and relaxation massages. Whether you are an active athlete, senior citizen or manager with a head full of worries, treatment in Luhačovice will at least for a while transport you to the compelling world of rest and relaxation. In addition to this, you will also find all the facilities you need in the city, including indoor swimming pools, tennis courts and a mini-golf course. Are you a passionate angler? Then you can have a wonderfully relaxing time pursuing your hobby by the local reservoir.

Have a seat on chicken feet!

Testament to the fact that unique Luhačovice environment is truly inspiring is the fact that it led the architect Dušan Jurkovič to create a completely unique collection of buildings in the style of Folk Art Nouveau. When walking through the city, you will thus pass by multicoloured houses with natural ornaments and beautiful dormer windows and gables. Make sure to view the most important local building, the Jurkovič House, which nowadays serves as a pleasant hotel set in the middle of the spa park. Be sure to also have a look at Villa Jestřabí or the Music Pavilion, which looks as if it is standing on chicken feet. All you need do is have a seat here for a while and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere which people travel to Luhačovice to enjoy from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

Where else to set out for?

Set out to get to know the attractions in the surrounding areas too! For a wonderful example of medieval defensive architecture, set out for Buchlov Castle. And make sure not to miss out on one of the most beautiful of Czech cities Kroměříž, whose magnificent chateau and above all the beautiful gardens are included on the UNESCO world heritage list.


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