Klimkovice Spa

2. 7. 2013

Restore your health at the spa in Klimkovice!

Rare iodine- and bromine-rich mineral water, modern facilities, first-rate care and beautiful surroundings in the foothills of the Nízký Jeseník (meaning the Low Jeseníky) – these are just some of the reasons why Klimkovice in North Moravia is a popular spa. You’ll find superb amenities for treating myriad ailments as well as many sports facilities and cultural events taking place throughout the year.

If you are suffering from problems with your muscular-skeletal system, neurological problems, gynaecological issues or ailments affecting the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, Klimkovice may be the right choice for you. Utilizing the well-known iodine- and bromine-rich mineral water called “solanka”, all of these complaints have been successfully treated here since 1994.

A spa for young and old

From the outset Klimkovice differs from old-style spa towns that have traditions going back hundreds of years. The spa buildings are modern and architecturally engaging structures set in attractive parkland. The spa complex houses two treatment areas where you’ll find everything required for a successful result. In addition to classic spa procedures, visitors can also enjoy pleasant massage and bathing sessions, moments of rest and relaxation and perhaps a bit of socialising. Klimkovice also takes children’s needs into consideration. At Clinic B you’ll find a children’s sanatorium, specially adapted to the requirements of the youngest patients.

Cake, cinema and mini-golf

Fancy filling the time between procedures with some fun activities? Well, there’s nothing simpler than taking advantage of the sports and cultural facilities that Klimkovice offers. Enjoy a round of mini-golf, get in some practice on the tennis courts or improve your snooker technique. If you like a good film, head for the local cinema-bar with its summer terrace, and try a few of their delicious desserts. In February no one should miss the colourful carnival parade through the town; in July and August there are summertime carnivals, and in September be sure not to miss the local fair, which includes processions of magicians, jugglers and clowns, as well as numerous concerts. At the same time as the last event there’s the Burčák Festival, a celebration of young wine with a pleasant sweet taste. In short, Klimkovice is alive and kicking all year round.

Where next?

By no means do you have to limit yourself to Klimkovice; there are other attractions in the region just waiting to be discovered. Those of a romantic disposition will like the fairytale palace at Hradec nad Moravicí or a trip to Štramberk, where, in the shadow of the town’s many towers, you shouldn’t pass up a chance to try the local speciality – the legendary Štramberk ears. If industrial heritage is more your thing, take a trip to Ostrava. The Vítkovice Mining Area is a major European industrial architecture site.

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