Dobříš Chateau
25. 11. 2013

You are invited to explore a magnificent Rococo château and visit the summer apartment of the famous writer Karel Čapek!

Most people visit Dobříš to see the rococo château with a French garden and English park. The beautiful and extensive forests all around also attract hikers and cyclists, plus you will also walk in the footsteps of the famous writer Karel Čapek.

A trip with French charm

The biggest tourist attraction is the lovely rococo château with a mansard roof. It features a French garden terrace, which thanks to carefully boxed-tree snipping and floral ornamentation is among the most beautiful château gardens in the country. In addition to gardens and historic interiors, you can also visit an art gallery, exhibition at the City Museum and a large English park. The château is open for accommodations, and guests can avail themselves of a fitness center or borrow mountain bikes.

Visit Čapek’s Strž near Dobříš

Not far from Dobříš, below the pond dam in Staré Strž, you will discover an Empire villa and a memorial inside it to writer, playwright and journalist Karel Čapek. He received the house as an unusual wedding gift in 1935, when he married Olga Scheinpflugová. The couple transformed the house into a summer residence, where friends and acquaintances visited them. Although they only spent three years in Strž, Čapek wrote here War with the Newts, White Disease, First Party, The Way North and other works. Here he savored the countryside, mushrooming and the picturesque landscapes, and he helped modify the vast gardens. In addition to the house, you can also see a number of pleasant relaxing retreats and the surroundings and walk to the places where the writer liked to go with his friends. These include the Jewish Cemetery on the northern outskirts of the city on top of Větrník.

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