Bohdaneč Spa

Lázně Bohdaneč
2. 7. 2013

Bohdaneč Spa: healing and relaxation in the Functionalist style

This spa town is located 8 kilometres north west of Pardubice. The first written record dates from 1264, but according to undocumented accounts, there was already a wooden church here in the 12th century. The spa was founded in 1897. In 1963, Bohdaneč was granted a charter as a spa town, in 1971 as a municipality, and in 1981 it was renamed Lázně Bohdaneč (Bohdaneč Spa). In the 20th century, the noted Czech architect, Josef Gočár, produced a new design for the town that gave it a unique spa atmosphere. The flat countryside is very inviting for quiet walks, undemanding cycling tours on the marked trails, or for horse riding. One popular tourist destination is the Bohdaneč Lakes located in the National Nature Reserve. Not only nature, but also the historic centre of the town with its fountains and rich greenery, helps create the spa town’s calm and soothing atmosphere.

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