Bechyně Spa

Lázně Bechyně
2. 7. 2013

Bechyně Spa: modern treatments in a picturesque South Bohemian setting

The picturesque Bechyně Spa in South Bohemia, with a tradition stretching back more than three hundred years, is an ideal place for healing and wellness. The local peat, which is applied in the form of wraps and baths, is acclaimed. After indulging in an anti-stress or restorative massage or a chocolate wrap, get ready to explore the rich past of the town. On the nearby square you will find a Franciscan monastery with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Another breathtaking experience is a ride, either by car or train, over the Rainbow Bridge, which offers stunning views. At the Bechyně Chateau, in addition to an exhibition devoted to the former owner of the domain, Petr Vok, you can visit a gallery of children’s portraits which has no parallel in Europe.

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