Parque Zoológico y de Dinosaurios de Pilsen

17. 9. 2013

See the animal of today and extinct dinosaurs in Plzeň Zoo!

Plzeň Zoo is not just any zoo, but a zoogeographical nature park connected to botanical gardens, where you’ll find many rarities; many of the animals reared in Plzeň cannot be found in any other zoo in the Czech Republic! You’ll love the bear-pit, lemur island, Lüftnerka pavilion, with many animals found in the Czech Republic, or the chimpanzee and lion enclosures. Visitors can also drop by at the Kiboko African restaurant or one of the several children’s playgrounds and attractions. You can also get about on the zoo’s tourist train. The zoo includes a DinoPark with life-size models of prehistoric animals, a 3D cinema and paleontological playground for children.

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