Příčná ski complex in Zlaté Hory

27. 9. 2013

Great skiing in a ‘golden’ region!

The village Zlaté Hory (‘golden hills’) came into being as a mining settlement on a gold-panning site stretching along the streams flowing from Mount Příčná to the nearby border with Poland. Why not visit this fairytale landscape, where you can still find sparkling fragments of this rare metal, and discover modern tourist treasures – one of them the local ski resort.

In the steps of the gold-diggers – by ski

The Příčná ski complex is located in the Jeseníky Mountains, south of the town of Zlaté Hory, on the southern slopes of Příčný Peak (975 m). The modern, four-seater ski lift and wide piste mean that you can spend your holiday skiing, rather than standing in long queues.

The snow cover of the 1,270 m long piste is regularly maintained and adjusted, and floodlights let you enjoy evening skiing sessions. The ski complex includes rental facilities for skiing equipment, a ski school, refreshments and social facilities. Next to the lower terminus of the ski lift is a children’s area with its own ski tow.

The Zlaté Hory area in summer

If you take a close look at a hiking map, you’ll see that Příčný Peak is, in many places, riddled with old mine tunnels. By the upper terminus of the ski lift at Zámecký (Castle) Peak (702 m) you’ll find the remains of Edlštejn Castle, once the largest and grandest mediaeval fortress in the Jeseník region. All that remains of the castle now are the foundations of its fortifications, the ruined circular keep, remains of a corner bastion, moats and ramparts.

In the summer you can rent scooters and mountain tricycles and then either criss-cross the hilltops and forest routes that are, in the winter, the domain of cross-country skiers, or carry on deeper into the surrounding area. Find out about the life of the gold-diggers in years gone by at the open-air museum of gold-mining mills, known as the Valley of Lost Mine Tunnels, where you can view working replicas of mediaeval gold-mining mills and crushing mills. You can also follow the educational route, and even try panning for gold yourself.

Where next?

Other interesting locations are the Biskupská kupa (‘Bishop’s Mound’), the oldest stone lookout tower in the Jeseníky Mountains, and the pilgrimage site with the Church of Our Lady of the Help. Also worth a look is Rejvíz, one of the most beautiful villages in the Jeseníky, spread out along the mountain plateau between Zlaté Hory and the town of Jeseník. The guesthouse of the same name, famous for its carved chairs with portraits of local residents, marks the start of the educational trail leading to the Great Moss Lake situated amongst peat bogs, the most magical corner of the Jeseníky. The final part of the trail leads along an attractive wooden walkway, put in place to protect the nature reserve from damage.

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