Rambling in Pálava - Svatý kopečekRambling in Pálava - Svatý kopečekLadislav Renner1

Walking trips through Pálava

Hiking in Pálava: caves, Cat Stone and a romantic castle

The Pálava Protected Landscape Area is ideal for hiking. An extensive network of marked trails will guide you: On the red trail, for example, you can go from Mikulov past its dominant natural landmark of Svatý kopeček (meaning Holy Hill) to the castle ruins of Kozí hrádek. Walk to the limestone cave Na Turoldu and to a rock formation named for its shape: Kočičí kamen, or Cat Stone. See also the amazingly level surface of the mountain Stolová (meaning Table) and the romantic Sirotčí hrádek, or Orphan Castle. Along this path lined with sunny vineyards you may feel the urge to taste some delicious wine, so don’t hesitate to drop in at one of the many wine cellars.