Summer holiday at Lipno

25. 11. 2013

Lipno! Enjoy summer on the Czech Riviera!

The Lipno Dam is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. This huge lake set in the beautiful countryside of Šumava is a popular place for all who enjoy an active holiday. During the summer season you can go cycling, inline skating, swimming, windsurfing, sailing or just lounge comfortably on one of the Lipno beaches.

During the summer holidays Lipno comes alive. On the water float elegant sail boats and yachts, water scooters zoom by, and fishermen bide their time patiently on the shore waiting for the catch of their dreams. You can rent a catamaran or a pedal boat and enjoy a wonderful ride on the lake. Lipno summer resorts, such as Frymburk or Černá v Pošumaví offer everything you need for a pleasant stay.

Cycling in the morning, a glass of wine at sunset

The Lipno area is one of the most picturesque corners of Šumava, offering many interesting excursions. For example, there are excellent conditions for cyclists but also for inline skaters. You can wrap up your outing by unwinding with a glass of wine at the local marina as you gaze at the romantic sunset. Lipno is one of the most popular bodies of water in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its wide range of sporting and recreational activities, you can spend a wonderful holiday here!

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