Through Osoblažsko by bike

12. 2. 2014

Travel by bike through the history of the Osoblažsko area

Krnov, Opava, Kravaře – these three North Moravian towns are now linked by a new cycle trail. If you are spending a holiday in this part of the Czech Republic, and aren’t exactly an endurance cyclist, this is the ideal destination if you want to get moving and see a bit of the cultural heritage the region has to offer. You can even take the kids as the entire route has a hard surface and few climbs.

This cycling trail between the towns of Krnov and Kravaře is part of the Silesia long-distance trail, which leads to the mountainous area around Jeseník and then to Hlučín, where it connects with the Amber Route. The trail is 35km long and follows the flow of the River Opava. Along the way there are a number of places where you can take a breather and take on some refreshments, as well as seeing some of the local sights. Hop into the saddle, set an easy pace and head out to discover this area called Osoblažsko.

A stroll through history and some lakeside relaxation

The starting point for the trail is the town of Krnov, a place packed with historical interest. No one should miss a stroll through the historical centre. At first glance the eye is drawn to the town’s dominant feature, the imposing Church of St. Martin, but you can also tarry a while on the main square hemmed with Renaissance townhouses, the scene overlooked by the elegant tower of the town hall. You can head out of the town along the cycle trail to Petrův Lake where there’s a place to relax. From here you’ll be surrounded by beautiful countryside as you ride a wonderful section between the trees to Držkovice (via Brumovice).

Discover the capital of Silesia

Another major halt on the route is the town of Opava. Get off your bike for a moment and take a tour of the historic capital of Silesia. The skyline is dominated by the Cathedral of the Ascension, an exquisite example of North German red-brick Gothic architecture. If you have a weakness for fairytale castles, make a short detour to Hradec nad Moravicí. The brick-built chateau here has a number of turrets and towers and ample crenellation, and ranks as one of Moravia’s most attractive. You can also park the two-wheeler in the shade and enjoy a moment’s rest in the wonderful chateau park.

Chateaux, chateaux everywhere

After a bit of time-out you’ll complete the rest of the trail in no time. From Opava you’ll travel along the river to Malé Hoštice, which prides itself on its splendid chateau housing a restaurant. The end of the road comes at Kravař, but here, too, you can explore the large Baroque chateau, neatly bringing your tour of the architectural gems of the Osoblažsko to an end.


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