Jeseníky MountainsJeseníky MountainsŠtefan Špic1
Jeseníky Mountains - PradědJeseníky Mountains - PradědŠtefan Špic2
Jeseníky MountainsJeseníky MountainsŠtefan Špic3
Jeseníky Mountains - PradědJeseníky Mountains - PradědŠtefan Špic4
Jeseníky Mountains - OvčárnaJeseníky Mountains - OvčárnaŠtefan Špic5

Jesenická magistrála

Though a mountain kingdom on the Jesenická magistrála (Jeseníky Cross-Country Route)

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect place for cross-country skiing … the image you have conjured up is the Jesenická magistrála. Here, you will find everything you dream of: expansive plains bathed in shimmering light, deep forests of silver fir, breathtaking views of mountain peaks, alternating descents and ascents – all in a place which year after year boasts the best snow conditions in the Czech Republic. So what are you waiting for? Grab your skis and some wax and head to the mountains!