By bike through the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Cycling near Adršpach
11. 2. 2014

Take a cycle ride around the enchanted Adršpach rock formations

There are few locations in central Europe to which nature has been so generous and where she has created such a spectacle of bizarre rock formations, thick forest, flooded quarries and amazing views. Discover the extraordinary charm of the Adršpach rock formations from the saddle of your bike and head out along a marked trail taking in the most attractive locations. You’ll be rewarded with an enjoyable day’s activity in the fresh air as well as the magic of unspoilt countryside all around you.

The 20km-long cycle trail around the Adršpach rock formations is ranked as intermediate and runs for a way along a third class road and reinforced agricultural tracks. For the whole time you will be riding very near the rock formations, which just make you want to stop and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside.

A lake and a medieval castle ruin

The route begins in the small town of Teplice nad Metují, where you can take a look round the local Church of St Laurence, and runs to Jirásek’s cliffs, the initial section of which rises above idyllic Černé (Black) Lake, located around the medieval castle of Skály. Park up your bike for a moment and head uphill on foot. The rocky outlook affords exquisite views of Ostaš (a table type mountain), the town of Police nad Metují and the Orlické Mountains.

Look! Can you see the Krkonoše!

The trail then leads to a place called Pod Zvětralým vrchem. From the fork in the trail there are further wonderful views of the village of Janovice and the Teplice rock formations. If the weather plays ball you may be able to see the highest range of mountains in the country, the Krkonoše.

A cycle trail that benefits the soul

Batteries recharged from all those wonderful views, continue via mounts Liščí hora and Kalousy to Zámecký Hill and the village of Adršpach. The trail now enters its final furlong which runs via Bučnice and other rock formations back to Teplice nad Metují. The cycling trail through the Adršpach rock formations is one of the most visually attractive in the region, and whether you tackle it alone, with friends or in the company of your family, you’ll certainly want to return someday.




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