Czech glassware, history and shopping

15. 10. 2013

Transparent, polished, engraved and painted – such is the famous Czech glassware, from glasses and vases to bijouterie and massive crystal chandeliers.

Want to take a souvenir or gift back with you from the Czech Republic? You can’t go wrong with Czech glassware, whether you go for wine glasses, crystal jewellery, bijouterie, richly decorated chandeliers or designer items by top contemporary artists. Shops selling traditional glassware can be found on almost every street corner in Prague, Karlovy Vary and other towns.

For Moser originals, go to Karlovy Vary

The global prestige enjoyed by Czech glassware, synonymous with quality and tradition, is largely due to the renowned Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary. The glassworks was founded in 1857 and its products are, to this day, regarded as some of the best in the world. The Moser glassworks, museum and visitor centre are one the most frequently visited places in this famous Czech spa town. On display are current collections, as well as historical products from the mid-19th century. The glassworks includes a selling gallery with a range of drinks and gift glassware, porcelain, real Czech garnet and bijouterie. A Moser glasswork museum can also be found on Old Town Square in Prague, in the Moser selling gallery.

Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec nad Nisou

Visit Jablonec nad Nisou to take a truly close-up look at the beauty of glass, bijouterie and jewellery. Glassmaking and jewellery-making traditions have been developing in this town at the foot of the Jizera mountains since the 16th century. These unusual crafts are showcased in the Museum of Glass and Jewellery, with its collections of glass, jewellery, coins, medals and plaques, and the Belveder jewellery gallery. You will also find the largest jewellery and pearl shop in the Czech Republic and the Palace Made in Jablonec selling gallery, where several dozen Jablonec companies display and sell their wares. Apart from modern jewellery, you will also find glass chandeliers and lighting, glass Christmas decorations and other exquisite items.

To the glassworks in search of glass

Want to see for yourself the places where these exquisite exemplars of traditional, high-quality Czech glass in both classic and modern designs? Then visit a glassworks. In Harrachov you’ll fine the Novosad glassworks, which have been in operation since the beginning of the 18th century and are thus amongst the oldest in the Czech Republic. Traditional methods are still used to produce not only luxury drinks and utility glassware, but also crystal chandeliers. During your tour you’ll visit the historic grinding plant and glass museum. The complex also includes a microbrewery and restaurant, from where you can observe the glassmakers at work through a glass wall, and a hotel and beer spa. You can also see the master glassmakers at work at the Rückl glassworks in Nižbor.

Learn the glassmaking trade!

Are you interested enough in glass to want to take part in a course? Then the best place for you is the Ajeto glassmaking complex in Lindava near Nový Bor. This dynamic, unique, exclusive, mysterious and remarkable glassworks offers courses in glassworking, led by experienced glassmakers and is full of works by world-renowned artists. On the other hand, products from this plant can be found in art galleries all over the world. Right next to the glassworks is the original glassmakers’ pub, where you can sample regional gastronomic specialties and see, up-close, the master glassmakers at work.

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