Commemorating of the First World War

Commemorating of the First World War

Czech Republic recalls the beginning of the First World War and Franz Ferdinand d ' Este

Commemorating of the First World War

The World is commemorating one hundred years from the beginning of the First World War. The Czech Republic has not forgotten the conflict, from which emerged the independent state of Czechoslovakia. Memorial and cultural events commemorating the fights, fallen soldiers and Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este will take place in many cities throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia.

One of the central themes of commemorative events in the Czech Republic is the fate of the Austro-Hungarian heir of the throne. The life of Franz Ferdinand d ' Este is closely connected with the Chateau Konopiště, which had been rebuilt by him to its current form, and where his family spent most of the time. Konopiště pictures the figure of the crown prince and his wife Žofie Chotek mainly in the season-long exhibition Together in life and in death, containing not only the family photos, but also personal items of both spouses. Commemorations at the castle will be filled in by a mass on June, 28th, commemorating the day when Franz Ferdinand and his wife perished at the hands of an assassin in Serbian Sarajevo. This event has become the immediate pretext for the outbreak of the First World War.


Historical Military maneuvers: get out in the field in the rhythm of orchestra

The fight itself, one of the greatest conflicts in the history of war will remind historical military maneuvers which will be held at several places in the Czech Republic. For example, a varied program will be offered by the city of Lanškroun, where on June, 21st the Imperial Orchestra, soldiers in the field will present the arms and the ceremony. But there are also ladies and lovers of fashion will be pleased by military marches in original uniforms and the parades featuring the clothes from the days of the reign of Franz Joseph I., including samples fine lingerie and original swimwear.


On the day of the centenary of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand d ' Este on June 28th, the Memorial Day Event will take place in Brno - Pisárky. In addition to the ceremonial, the visitors will also witness the arrival of the Austrian Archduke to the main train station in Brno, troops in action, field kitchen, fashion salon or the promenade concert of the Imperial military band. On the route between Pisárky and the main train station, there will be historical trams to carry passengers throughout the entire day. Other maneuvers will be seen on June, 14th in Písek, Letovice or Olomouc.


Exhibitions attract to weapons and warfare artefacts

A large space is dedicated to the events of remembrance. On June, 28th, an exhibition of the project Big War will take place at Brno´s Špilberk. Nine Czech historical institutions will cooperate to bring this event to public. This exhibition is devoted to the Sarajevo´s assassination itself, the war conflict and the technological progress in the form of new weapons and military equipment. Conversely, Moravian Museum offers the possibility to get to know the normal life in the war years. Exhibition Home during the Big war will show to visitors the impact of events in the years 1914 to 1918 on the civilian population.


For lovers of naval warfare, the National technical Museum in Prague prepared an exhibition with the name Our sea…  Austrian-Hungarian Navy. The exposition is dedicated not only to the military naval technology, but also to the everyday life of sailors and includes period photos. Until September, the capital city and specifically in the Postal Museum will be the host of the exhibition Post during the Big war…I write to you from the battlefront...,. At the same spot on June 12, solemn baptism of the postage stamps "To the Victims of the World War I. " will take place.


People can remember the fallen during many piety events, which will be held this year throughout the Czech Republic. A number of cultural institutions organizes professional conferences and lectures, whose central theme is the First World War and its consequences.