Prague for the girls and Prague for the guys

Whether you are looking for masculine challenges or feminine luxury, Prague has more to offer than many people think

Short breaks with the girls or your friends to a capital in Europe have become popular. Whether you are looking for masculine challenges or feminine luxury, Prague has more to offer than many people think: spa experiences, film stars and exclusive shopping for the girls and marathon races, beer tasting and LEGOs for the boys

Most people think of the Charles Bridge, the many towers, Bohemian crystal and the world famous Urquell pilsner, when they think of Prague. But the Czech capital has much more to offer and we have here compiled a number of suggestions for different experiences in Prague.

Enjoy thermal baths, film stars and exclusive shopping with the girls

Shopping and luxury during a city break is a must, and in the Pařížská Street in Prague you will find the largest concentration of exclusive shops – enough to satisfy any fashionista.

If you are tired after carrying the heavy shopping bags, you can recharge your batteries at Prague's chocolate museum. As we know, girls love chocolate, and the museum offers a taste of the sweets. At the Choco Story Museum you can also get answers to questions like, "Where does chocolate really come from?" and "How can chocolate be used as medicine?"

Another different, cultural experience could be to watch a show at the Black Light Theatre, where the actors perform the play through dance, music and lighting effects. You do not have to understand the local language - you can just enjoy the poetic and imaginative performance.

Many major Hollywood films have recorded scenes in the historic capital in the recent years - including Mission Impossible, Triple X, James Bond and the Danish film, A Royal Affair with Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role. Who knows what actor you might be lucky enough to meet the next time?

In the evening you can go on a river cruise and experience some of Prague's major attractions from the river - such as the National Theatre and Prague Castle. Along the way, you can enjoy a delicious buffet and talk about all the experiences you had through the day listening to the sound of the gentle waves of the Vltava.

If you would like to go on a little trip outside the capital to the old spa town of Karlovy Vary, you can experience the opening of the spa season at the beginning of May. Besides enjoying the thermal baths and mineral springs, the opening weekend also includes a festive parade, concerts and a craft market.


Challenges, speed and beer tasting for the guys

When it comes to the men's trip to Prague, we would recommended to experience the historic streets wearing running shoes and at a fast pace. There is held a half marathon every year in April, where the participants cross no less than five of the city's bridges. For the hardcore runners it is also possible to run twice the distance a month later during the Volkswagen Marathon that has been named as one of the most beautiful marathon races in the world.

If you prefer to go by boat, a canoe trip on the Vltava is also worth considering. The city's beautiful monuments can be experienced very well from the river - just in a slightly different and more action-packed way.

Even though LEGO is a Danish enterprise, they also know something about building with bricks in Prague. The LEGO museum in Prague houses the world's largest display of LEGO models. The 2000 LEGO trains, known buildings in miniature models and do-it-yourself kits would interest any man who ever dreamed about being a construction manager or who just loves to play.

Afterwards you can enjoy some of the many kinds of Czech beer. The Czech Republic has more to offer than the big export brands. Go on a brewery tour and learn more about the Czech beer culture and - history - and not least: Get a taste of the golden drops from some of the many micro-breweries that are hiding in the city.

A trip to Prague can easily be reached during a long weekend, as there are both direct flights and night trains from Denmark

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