Enjoy the many Christmas events in Prague

At the Christmas markets you can gather inspiration and buy gifts in the romantic surroundings and enjoy the historic buildings

Prague is known for its fantastic Christmas markets and shopping opportunities, but the city has much more to offer in December. On an extended weekend in Prague, you can, among others, experience Europe's largest manger scene, classical ballet, ice skating and you can see how bears celebrate Christmas.

The Christmas market in Prague is something special. So special that it is known as the best in Europe, and each year it attracts more and more tourists to the city. At the Christmas markets you can gather inspiration and buy gifts in the romantic surroundings and enjoy the historic buildings and stands in the adventurous and romantic settings of the Old Town Square. Just a stone's throw from the Christmas market you’ll find the Charles Bridge Museum and the National Theatre, both attractions are  ​​ready for Christmas time.

Europe's largest manger scene

Virtually everyone knows the romantic Charles Bridge in Prague, one of city´s biggest attractions. This December something extra has been done to allure people. At the Charles Bridge Museum, you will find a human sized manger scene made ​​of straw and glass – the largest manger scene in Europe. If this is not enough, you can visit another manger scene that might make you bat an eyelid. This manger scene shows Jesus as a fish, because he was depicted as a fish in the early Christianity.

Culturally Christmas experience

A short walk from the Charles Bridge you’ll find the National Theatre. This year the theatre is indulging its audience with Tchaikovsky's ballet, 'The Nutcracker Suite'. Since its first premiere back in 1892, the ballet has changed its appearance a countless number of times, and now the time has come for another setup in Prague. 'The Nutcracker Suite' has always been popular with both children and adults, and will be on the National Theatre’s poster throughout December. When the Christmas spirit is peaking in the days leading up to December 24th, there will be one show per day.

Burn the Christmas calories on the ice

After a few busy days in Prague with shopping and lots of Christmas food, a little exercise may be needed. In the centre of town, close to the Estates Theatre, you can try to find your ice princess (or prince) within. You can finish your day by going ice skating for free in the fairytale surroundings of the skating range, which doesn’t close until late at night.

There is also a practical reason why many choose to find the Christmas spirit in Prague. You get your money’s worth, and it is easy to get to Prague both by plane and car.

Visit the bears in the castle

If you want to experience more than Christmas shopping, ballet and local delicacies, it might be an idea to look outside Prague's city limits. Only a few hours’ drive away is the castle, Český Krumlov. Among other things, the castle celebrates ‘Christmas with the bears'. Four bears live at the castle: Vox and Catherine and their cups, Daxi and Hubert - you can say hello to all of them. The bears in Český Krumlov are only one of the reasons why the city has been awarded with the Golden Apple, which is a tourism award by journalists. During December you can also experience several concerts and a small, traditional Christmas market.