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Why the Czech Republic?

10 reasons to choose the Czech Republic

At present the country has around 235 hotels with facilities that can cater for large conference. Over 20 of these are five-star hotels and 65 four-star hotels. A total of around 2.780 other hotels have facilities catering for smaller conferences, seminars and other vents. There is also a whole number of large convention centres including the magnificent Prague Congress Centre, Aldis Congres Centre in Hradec Králové, the Congress centre in Pilsen or New Multifunction hall GONG at the lower area of Vítkovice in Ostrava.

1. Safe destination

Security is an important factor when deciding where to hold a conference. The Czech Republic is one of the calmest and safest places on earth. This fact is proved by organizing of two largest conferences ever which took place in the Czech Republic (the NATO summit in 2002 and the IMF meeting in 2000). 

2. Ideal location and easy access

The Czech Republic is situated in the very centre of Europe and it is the ideal country for international meetings, a fact confirmed by the constant expansion of Prague’s airport. Prague is linked to the world by 58 airlines and it is possible to fly direct to more than 100 places around the globe.

3. Traditionally modern

Though historical, the Czech Republic is not old-fashioned or outdated. Modern shopping malls, friendly clubs and bars invite everybody to join the active life of Prague and the Czech Republic and fell its beating pulse.

4. UNESCO World Heritage

Twelve land marks have been UNESCO-listed so far. Considering the size of the country and its population we have the largest number of UNESCO monuments per square meter in the world. These historical and architectural jewels rightly rang among the world cultural heritage.

5. Pulsating life

History is a part of culture and both Prague and the whole Czech Republic do live a rich cultural life. Besides regular music festivals a large number of other music, theatre and artistic performances are carried out in the incomparable atmosphere of Prague music halls and others cultural venues. No wonder Prague was selected as the European City of Culture in 2000.

6. Your imagination is the only limit

In the Czech Republic you can put together an incentive programme which you will still be thinking about long after the event has ended. The only limitation is your imagination: You can have a gala event at a castle or chateau, a vampire dinner, a show in an old factory production hall, a Celtic feast on a meadow or experience an evening as secret agent James Bond. All you have to do is make you wish known. You can confidently expect your social programme to be talking point long after the event.

7. High quality for competitive prices

Your event will be coast-effective and highly professional. There are a large number of companies in the Czech Republic whose business it is to organize conferences (PCOs – Professional Conference Organizers) and incentive events (DMCs – Destination Management Companies). Tens of respected companies offer a comprehensive range of services of a high professional standard on the MICE market (Meetings, Incentive, Conventions and Events/exhibitions).

8. Delicious food and drink

Czech beer tradition has been dated back to the 10th century and the Czech Republic produces one of the best beers in the world! The marques like Pilsner Urquell or Budweiser Budwar are world known for their delicious taste. The wine growing regions, especially Southern Moravia, produce an excellent range of wines including Rieslings and Saint Laurent. Special wine tasting tours are increasingly popular. Countless restaurants, pubs and wine cellars are ready to cater any type of groups needs.

9. Creativity and innovation

Do you know that Czech writer Karel Čapek first thought up the word “robot“ and the Czechs were the third nation in the world to have a man in space in the form of Vladimír Remek. And did you know that the Bata shoe empire was founded originally by Czech shoe manufacturer Tomáš Baťa. Neither was it a coincidence that the world´s very first trade fair was held in Bohemia in 1754. Imagination and innovation are also vital in the meetings industry.

10. Warm hearted people!!!