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Internet search machines don’t have to work too hard when you key in “medical tourism” AND “Czech Republic” into global websites – it is quite a common connection of key words in the virtual world.

Forbestravel.com published a chart of the ten most popular destinations of health tourism in the world. The Czech Republic came 4th after Singapore, Mexico and Costa Rica. An American mediator of health care MediTravels mentions Czech on its website as one of eight recommended countries. Treatment Abroad, another international company with wider activities in the field of health care regularly focuses on research of international travelling for health care. Together with Czech partner HealthCzech.com (provided by Progress Medical company), it worked out the greatest survey of its kind in Europe in 2012 on cheaper medical treatment tourism, the phenomenon so-called “2012 Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey”. What does the study say about The Czech Republic?


  • 60 % of medical tourists come to CR because of cosmetic surgery, 18 % because of obesity treatments and 15 % for infertility treatment
  • The most popular destination of British medical tourists travelling for aesthetic surgery is Belgium (23 %) followed by the Czech Republic (14 %) and Turkey (10 %)
  • From the viewpoint of obesitological surgery the order of destinations is similar – Belgium (50 %) followed by the Czech Republic (22 %)
  • The most popular treatments in CR in the field of aesthetic surgery are breasts augmentation and plastic operation of belly
  • For 75 % of medical tourists visiting the Czech Republic it is their first visit to the country; 20 % of patients have visited CR before on a business trip or holiday
  • 17 % of patients have visited the Czech Republic more than once during their treatment; average length of stay way 8 days
  • The most commonly mentioned reason for visiting CR was financial saving in comparison to costs in their home land
  • After the experience with health tourism in CR 85 % of patients would recommend their friends a health treatment abroad
  • 84 % medical tourists that have visited the Czech Republic were very or quite happy; reasons the respondents mentioned were leading to positive experience were mostly price, professional approach of staff and overall contentment with treatment course
  • Medical tourists (81 %) mentioned undergone treatment in CR saved more than 2,500 €


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Read more here: http://www.czechtourism.com/a/medical-tourism/

Source: Czech Travelogue, 01/2014