Czech Republic gives value for money when skiing

Combine skiing with spa and city life and try the newly built skiing trails

In recent years the quality of Czech ski resorts has gone up, and the Scandinavians have become aware of this. Even though the ski lifts and hotels have been given a facelift, the price level is still at a level where everyone can afford it. Combine skiing with spa and city life and try the newly built skiing trails.


Good skiing experiences tend to be associated with large bills, but that is not necessarily the case – since things are developing in the Czech Republic these years. The ski resorts are renovating a lot, and Klinovec Ski Resort near the German border is developing rapidly. When everything is ready for use, the investment in the resort exceeds 600 million, but you can already take part in all the activities, without having to empty your bank account.

Skiing in the Czech Republic

One of the most important pieces of news from Klinovec Ski Resort this year, is the collaboration with the German area Fichtelberg, which adds more than 27 km of different ski slopes to the  resort's repertoire. The collaboration also means that it is now possible to take a trip down the Czech side of the mountains as well as the German.

Freestyle for all money

In case you have brought your inner daredevil with you skiing, at virtually all Czech ski resorts there is a snow park where it is possible to express yourself and get an adrenaline rush. And Klinovec is no exception. For example, the resort has the best half-pipe in the Czech Republic, that attracts snowboarders from near and far, and that is used to be hosting international competitions.

Relax with spa

If you, after a long day with ski lifts and cold hands, need to regain the feeling in your fingertips the town of Jachymov is only 20 minutes away and it is home to no less than three spa resorts. The resorts are offering a variety of ways to give aching muscles a good work over after a long day of skiing. Besides spa treatments like massages and saunas, each resort has unique signature 'radon treatments’ that have a positive effect on the locomotor system and leaves even the most toughened skin nice and soft.

Driving distance to Prague

However, the good skiing conditions and low prices are not the only reasons to visit Klinovec. If you need a cultural boost after a few days in the snow, the solution is close by. Klinovec Ski Resort is only a two hour drive from 'The golden capital' - Prague. Here you can get quench your thirst for shopping and city life before heading back to Scandinavia.


World Cup first-hand

If you want to experience the world's best skiers at close range, you have the option in Nové Mesto na Morave, that is located in the center of the Czech Republic. Here there are more than 100 km of groomed trails for classic skiing, and this is also the place where a part of the World Cup called ‘the Golden Skis' takes place.