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List of our Czech partners

Here you can find list of our Czech partners which consits of Czech Convention Bureau and Destination Managements and Regions.

Czech Convention Bureau

The new Czech Convention Bureau has performed its role since January 1, 2009. Its main purpose is to promote the Czech Republic effectively at home and abroad as an ideal destination for holding conferences and incentive events in order to increase the number of such events held in individual regions of the Czech Republic.

More information: www.czechconvention.com

Destination Managements and Regions


České Švýcarsko o. p. s

České Švýcarsko o. p. s. is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which has evolved since its establishment into the initiator of the development and protection of the natural and cultural heritage of Bohemian Switzerland.
It was established in 2001 by the Bohemian Switzerland National Park Administration, the municipality of Krásná Lípa and the Local Unit of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation Tilia.

More information: www.ceskesvycarsko.cz/en


Destination Management of the town of Český Krumlov

The Destination Management of the town of Český Krumlov within the framework of the Český Krumlov Development Fund s.r.o. have been closely co-operating with the Český Krumlov administration since it was established in 2001, and together with the people working in culture sphere, Department of Internal Affairs and public relations have been ensuring the official management of tourism in the town and meeting tasks in harmony with its aims : coordination, support and development of tourism in the town of Český Krumlov and its surroundings.

More information: www.business.ckrumlov.info


Karlovy Vary Region

The travel trade in the region of Karlovy Vary is one of the most significant industries. It is the spa trade that has made this region a destination for domestic and foreign visitors. In 2006, 669,905 guests visited the region and each stayed an average of 7.5 days. In connection with the spa travel trade, there is a sufficient offer of cultural facilities and memorial zones within the Karlovy Vary region.

More information: www.cestovani.kr-karlovarsky.cz/en


City of Ostrava

Ostrava is focusing on new strategic opportunities of the city and region. The City authorities, in cooperation with their partners, have refined the concept and strategic development planning since 1998. An update to the Strategic Plan of the Development of the City up to 2015 was produced in 2008. Regardless of the current economic crisis, the latest strategic vision of Ostrava is gradually coming true as its metropolitan function is being strengthened and the human, economic and natural potential is being further developed.

More information: www.ostrava.cz/en/


Central Moravia Region

The association is a legal entity operating as a voluntary interest association of legal subjects in the tourist region of Central Moravia, in the Olomouc region. Its mission is to ensure the development and co-ordination of tourism in the region by creating successful, competitive strategically controlled units on the basis of co-operation of the public and private sectors.

More information: www.strednimorava-tourism.cz/en


Krkonoše – Union of Towns and Boroughs

The Krkonose Union, in line with its articles of association and the Tourism Development Programme, intends to universally support the prerequisites for the Krkonose's residents to lead a full life. Special attention is being paid to the development of tourism as one of the pillars of local economic stability, which has an extraordinary perspective. The Union will focus mainly on related issues affecting the entire Krkonose region. The work team consists of governing representatives of the member towns and boroughs and internal as well as external staff. They together manage, create, coordinate and care for Krkonose projects, joint promotions and tourism development in this tourist region.

More information: www.krkonose.eu/en


Destination Management Companies (overview):

ADR International Travel Co.

website: www.adrprague.travel

CoDan Agentura

website: www.codan-agentura.com

ITC Travel & Conference

website: www.itctravel.cz

KEY Travel Ltd.

website: www.keytravel.cz/en

MONDIAL, spol. s r.o

website: www.mondial-travel.com/en

SCANDI Travel Praha

website: www.scanditravel.com

Wolff Travel Praha s.r.o.

website: www.wolff.cz


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