Czech MICE scene

Czech MICE scene

Organising a conference/event requires good team work. It is a team activity, and not just for the company you hire to arrange everything. The team is made up of the key players, its wings, sweepers and defenders. For the Czech Republic the main players are state organisations and private companies, professionals with many years of experience and the ability to innovate.

For instance, Lenka Žlebková, director of the Prague Convention Bureau (PCB), states: “The PCB fully supports the idea of teamwork. As part of our efforts to bring meetings and conferences to Prague we need all the interested parties to come together in a team, from conference facilities and professional conference organizers to hotels and other service providers. Only a joint effort can improve our chances of attracting a greater number of large, important conferences.” Take a look at statistics published by the International Congress and Conference association (ICCA) and it becomes obvious that Prague has been very successful in this branch of the tourist industry, and it has ambitions to take things further. In 2012 the Czech capital was the 11th conference destination in the world and the 10th in Europe.

Of course in the Czech MICE (Meetings – Incentives – Conferences – Events) team there are also professional ‘PCO’s (Professional Congress Organizers) offering a full range of services. Ivo Miksa, a manager at GUARANT International explains their welcoming company motto – ‘friendly meetings’: “A decade ago we were wondering whether face-to-face events would eventually be replaced by teleconferencing. Luckily this matter is still to be resolved, which rather speaks in favour of personal contact. That’s why our events are described as friendly. As the absolutely latest information can now be accessed almost in real time on the internet, there’s been a growth in the importance of personal contact which provides an opportunity to test our relationships on the basis of our instincts. For this reason at the events we organise it’s important to create adequate space for networking and social interaction.” On the other hand ‘friendly meetings’ as defined by GUARANT mean that communication technology is used for the convenience of participants and so that information is as accessible and digestible as possible.

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Link to the Czech Convetion Bureau, http://www.czechconvention.com/

Source: Czech Travelogue, 01/2014