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Let's enjoy the beautiful nature in the Czech Republic this summer!

Discover the Beauty of Rock Formations on a Scooter or from a Bird's Eye View

The unique sandstone cliffs with numerous canyons and towers, the beautiful surrounding nature, unforgettable views. All of this can be found in the Czech rock formations that are ideal for a summer holiday. In addition to traditional hiking, you can also take a ride on a scooter, try abseiling, a cruise boat trip or sightseeing flights.

Adršpach enchants with its magnificent waterfalls and lakes

The biggest and wildest rock formations in Central Europe are the Adršpach-Teplice rocks, to which tourists have been traveling since the 18th century. A number of names of rocks come from this period, such as Knight's helmet, Lovers or Elephant Square. However, the nature in Adršpach also conceals other hidden gems, such as Large waterfall, which falls from a height of 16 meters, or a rocky lake, which you can explore by boat or barge. Both children and adults will enjoy the local boatman who knows the names of all the rocks and likes to spin humorous yarns. Families with young visitors or seniors will find easy trails in the area while savvy tourists can look forward to more complicated routes, sometimes ending up in neighboring Poland. However, if you prefer a bird’s eye tour of the rock formations, definitely do not miss the sightseeing flights or climbing courses.

Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj): the only UNESCO geopark in the Czech Republic

Rare minerals and fossils are hidden by the rock formations in one of the most beautiful tourist regions. The Bohemian Paradise, also called a textbook for geology, became the first Czech UNESCO geopark in 2005. Its symbol is the ruins of Trosky castle, with mysterious uncharted corridors and inscriptions. Visitors to the Bohemian Paradise are also attracted by the Prachov rocks which have a new educative nature trail or the longest dolomite caves, which contain an underground lake with bluish-green water.

The Bohemian Paradise offers a variety of trails for both experienced hikers, as well as barrier-free routes for families with strollers and the disabled. Adrenaline seekers will delight in riding a scooter or segway. If you prefer a bike, this season you can enjoy special buses to transport bicycles. Both small and large tourists in the Bohemian Paradise will be bedazzled by the lookout towers there offering bird’s-eye views of the surroundings, that is except for the local joke, the lowest tower in the Czech Republic. 

Bohemian Switzerland (České Švýcarsko) is a paradise for climbers

Rocky ridges, canyons, sandstone towers, gates, views. All of this can be found in the youngest national park, the Bohemian Switzerland. Its rarity is Pravčice Gate, which was admired by the known writer Hans Christian Andersen, among other personalities . However, this largest rock gate in Europe is not the only reason to visit the Bohemian Switzerland. Kamnitz Gorge will enrich your trip with a cruise on a boat and the Cave of fairies will enchant you with its ice ornaments. 

The most popular route in the Bohemian Switzerland is the Gabrielle trail leading to Pravčice Gate through impressive rock formations. One of them is also Beckstein rock, named after Karel Beck, who performed the first climbing in Czech territory. Today it is a national park, a popular place for rock climbers, now leaving their signatures in small boxes on the conquered rocks. In addition to roping you can also enjoy biking or the native Scottish game of golf in the Bohemian Switzerland.

Kokořínsko has its Snow White with the dwarfs and the Castle

The scenic landscape with canyons, sandstone cliffs and gates is also located near Prague, in the protected Kokořínsko area. The rock formations are not as extensive, but interesting objects there abound - Giant Head, Frog, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Covers. The dominant feature of the area is Kokořín Castle, the former seat of the robber barons, who were the terror of the whole region. Cinibulkova trail will lead you to the most beautiful places in Kokořínsko, with a maze or artificial caves. A cycling trip or a visit to the lookout towers will offer an unforgettable experience not only for families with children, but also sports enthusiasts.


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