Sep 25, 2016

10 Amazing Buildings with a Great Story

Monuments and buildings that have an important role in the history of the Czech Republic you may not know yet.
Sep 21, 2016

Autumn in Baroque Gardens throughout the Czech Republic

The beauty of the Baroque lies in its voluptuous curves whereas the magic of autumn is in its diverse colou...
Sep 12, 2016

10 + 1 Best Places for a Selfie

Tips for spots where you can take a selfie and make everyone envy you for your holiday in the Czech Republic.
Sep 6, 2016

Autumn Events to Make You Love Czech Design (Even More)

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Aug 31, 2016

Raise Your Glass in Farewell to the Summer. A Beer Glass, of Course!

Beer is drunk in the Czech Republic at any time of year, but in the autumn it tastes especially good. Celeb...
Aug 24, 2016

Getting Closer ... the Best Grape Harvest Festivals in the Czech Republic

Wine from the Czech Republic ranks among the best in the world, and as such it needs to be properly celebra...
Aug 22, 2016

The Czech Republic Makes a Splash at the Rio Olympics

The Czech Republic has participated in the Summer Olympics since 1996, but the people in the country have b...
Aug 15, 2016

10 Design Hotels in Prague and Throughout the Czech Republic

If you wish to enjoy your holiday in the Czech Republic in every detail.
Aug 8, 2016

Best Picnic Spots in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic

Enjoy a romantic picnic in chateau gardens or parks scattered around the Czech Republic.
Aug 1, 2016

Hotels Are a Bore, but in the Czech Republic You can Stay in a Barrel or Up a Tree

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Jul 25, 2016

10 Books That Will Inspire a Trip to the Czech Republic

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Jul 18, 2016

15 Tips on How to Sleep like the Aristocracy in Castles and Chateaux in the Czech Republic

Spend a night like a prince! Fifteen tips for luxury accommodation in castles and chateaux in the Czech Rep...
Jul 11, 2016

Hiking through the Czech Republic - the Best Tips for Serious and More Leisurely Tourists

Did you know that the Czech Republic boasts one of the most sophisticated tourist sign systems in the world?
Jul 4, 2016

5 Tips for Accommodation, where Children Are V.I.Ps

Children tend to be quite demanding clientele. Fortunately, the Czech Republic offers places which can meet...
Jun 27, 2016

7 Tips on where to Go in the Czech Republic for Some Great Bike, Adrenaline and Wine Experiences

Get your bike ready and head for the Czech Republic, either to relax or embark on an adventure.
Jun 20, 2016

Czech Castles and Chateaux Make Major Announcement: Photos Allowed!

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