Jan 25, 2016

The Czech Republic Keeps up with the Times and Accepts Bitcoins

We have selected a few places in the Czech Republic, where you can get a good meal, have a rest or even ind...
Jan 21, 2016

Wines from Moravia and Bohemia Won 500 Medals in International Competitions Last Year

Wines from the Czech Republic traditionally rank among the world’s best and even somewhat audaciously rival...
Jan 18, 2016

10 Romantic Spots Where to Huddle and Cuddle on St. Valentine’s Day

Where can you head for in the Czech Republic? For the mountains, spas or historical sites. On St. Valentine...
Jan 14, 2016

What Can You Do in Czech Towns in the Winter? Cool Tips for Finding the Best Ice Rinks!

Winter does not bring enjoyment only for skiers. Why don’t you go skating? Thanks to ice rinks in towns, yo...
Jan 11, 2016

Loosen Your Belt and Put on Your Mask, the Shrovetide Celebrations Are Coming!

Enjoy feasting and carnival processions in many places in the Czech Republic.
Jan 4, 2016

Most Anticipated Events of 2016 in the Czech Republic

Whether you are fans of film, music, sport or history, in 2016 the Czech Republic will have something for e...
Dec 31, 2015

Winter, Sports and Much More – a Selection of the Best Events in the Czech Republic

Feel like having some fun when the Christmas and New Year parties are behind you but spring is still far aw...
Dec 28, 2015

Czech New Year’s Eve Just Wouldn’t Be the Same without the Local Speciality – Open Faced Sandwiches

An open faced sandwich (in Czech: chlebíček) is an item of quite small dimensions but of serious importance...
Dec 21, 2015

Czech Christmas Traditions: Nativity Scenes, Superstitions and Carp

What songs do Czech people sing, what do they eat, how do they decorate their houses and where do they go a...
Dec 17, 2015

What Can You Taste and Enjoy at Czech Christmas Markets?

It is not the atmosphere alone that entices people to the Christmas markets, it is also the lure of traditi...
Dec 14, 2015

Christmas Presents from the Czech Republic

Souvenirs from the Czech Republic are no longer considered to be tasteless or impractical. So why don’t you...
Dec 10, 2015

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift? How about a Valentine’s package?

Winter means snow, chilly weather and many difficult choices to make – what Christmas gifts to buy and even...
Dec 7, 2015

The traditions of Czech Advent

The Christmas period is associated with many folk customs and traditions. Come learn about them!
Dec 3, 2015

New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic: toned down or loud, in the mountains or in the city

If it’s with your friends, children or partner - there are million ways how to spend New Year’s Eve in the ...
Nov 29, 2015

Czechs simply love Charles. Who was he and why should you know him?

Czechs call Emperor Charles IV “the father of the country”. In 2016, it will be 700 years since his birth a...
Nov 26, 2015

Cafés where great coffee comes with a unique atmosphere

It has long been known in the Czech Republic that no two cafés are the same. Reading about the best of them...