Feb 23, 2017

Places Where You Can Meet with Antonín Dvořák

Follow the footsteps of the world-renowned classical music composer
Feb 20, 2017

TOP 17 Places You Must See in 2017

This is a list of the best places that are most attractive to tourists in the Czech Republic!
Feb 16, 2017

Four Photogenic Sites That Look Good in Winter

Some sites look great in winter. The sun and glittery snow create unusually interesting views. We would li...
Feb 13, 2017

A Wedding in the Czech Republic? Why Not!

Enjoy your wedding in romantic Prague or at one of the Czech chateaux.
Feb 9, 2017

The Slav Epic on a Journey

One of the most famous works of art that you could only see in the Czech Republic is now going to tour the ...
Feb 6, 2017

Galleries and Exhibitions to See in Winter in the Czech Republic

When it is freezing outside, it is time to enjoy the warmth of galleries and museums. What can you go see i...
Feb 2, 2017

Visit Top Events of 2017 in the Czech Republic

Culture, sport, entertainment, relaxation… You can experience all of this and much more at the best events ...
Jan 30, 2017

Best Known Trails for Cross-country Skiing Fans

Snowy landscapes, a white trail, breath-taking views and fresh air… Pack up your cross-country skis and set...
Jan 26, 2017

10 Romantic Spots Where to Huddle and Cuddle on St. Valentine’s Day

Where can you head for in the Czech Republic? For the mountains, spas or historical sites. On St. Valentine...
Jan 20, 2017

Czech Traditions: Balls and Carnivals

Get dressed up! The season of dance, balls, carnivals and processions is coming.
Jan 19, 2017

Tips for the Best 2017 Winter Season Events

Skiing, snowboarding, biathlon… the Czech mountains host many world famous skiing and other events on snow ...
Jan 16, 2017

What Can You Do in Czech Towns in the Winter? Cool Tips for Finding the Best Ice Rinks!

Winter does not bring enjoyment only for skiers. Why don’t you go skating? Thanks to ice rinks in towns, yo...
Jan 2, 2017

Winter Fun in the Czech Mountains

With the country covered by a glistening blanket of snow the Czech mountains are the perfect place to spend...
Dec 27, 2016

New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic: toned down or loud, in the mountains or in the city

If it’s with your friends, children or partner - there are million ways how to spend New Year’s Eve in the ...
Dec 19, 2016

Czech Christmas Traditions: Nativity Scenes, Superstitions and Carp

What songs do Czech people sing, what do they eat, how do they decorate their houses and where do they go a...
Dec 12, 2016

Christmas Presents from the Czech Republic

Souvenirs from the Czech Republic are no longer considered to be tasteless or impractical. So why don’t you...