Jun 6, 2016

Summer and the Best Town Celebrations in Bohemia and Moravia

Come to find out what it is like when Czech and Moravian towns celebrate. You can experience the Gothic, Re...
May 30, 2016

Seven Wonderful Places Where Children Can Have Fun in the Open Air

Who else but children can get the most out of beautiful weather? Head off to the Czech Republic and have fu...
May 23, 2016

Sun, Music, Festivals – The Right Mix for a Great Summer in the Czech Republic

The summer is coming and bringing with it other long-anticipated musical events. Choose from a long list o...
May 16, 2016

Good Film Is a Part of Summer in the Czech Republic – the Best Festivals Are Just Around the Corner

Diverse films, wonderful weather, good food and drink and a laid-back atmosphere go together with summer in...
May 7, 2016

Charles IV Celebrates and the Czech Republic with Him

One ruler’s legacy lasting 700 years. Commemorate Charles IV together with the Czech Republic.
Apr 30, 2016

Love Is in The Air in The Czech Republic

May is the month of love, lovers and romance in general. In the Czech Republic, you will be able to enjoy i...
Apr 25, 2016

To Czech and Moravian spas for an energy boost

Go where you can draw new strength from the very depths of the earth, for example to the spa towns of the w...
Apr 18, 2016

All the Best to the Monuments in the Czech Republic

April 18 is the International Day for Monuments and Sites.
Apr 13, 2016

Royal Mysteries – new cypher game with the greatest Czech king

Explore the New Town of Prague and discover the symbolism created by the greatest Czech king and Roman empe...
Apr 6, 2016

The Spa season 2016 is approaching

Czech spa towns are getting ready for the year of Charles IV.
Apr 5, 2016

Czech Airlines to launch 11 new destinations this summer

This summer season, Czech Airlines will launch regular scheduled operations on routes to Malta, Birmingham,...
Apr 3, 2016

Tomáš Baťa, Shoemaker, Entrepreneur and Visionary

Born 140 years ago Tomáš Baťa changed not only the face of one Moravian town but also trends in the global ...
Mar 29, 2016

What’s New in Castles and Chateaux in 2016?

The tourist season is starting in the Czech Republic and the gates of castles and chateaux are opening. Has...
Mar 24, 2016

Czech Easter Folk Customs and Traditions

The most important Christian holidays are approaching!
Mar 22, 2016

Czech Republic and Its Water Resources

As March 22nd is celebrated as World Water Day, we have prepared an article to show you how important water...