Oct 23, 2014

Castles and Palaces Bid Farewell to the Season, Come Wish Them Off As Well

The end of October is not only a time to say goodbye to the departing summer but also to the past tourist s...
Oct 6, 2014

Top 6 events of the Czech autumn

Autumn events in the Czech Republic that you just can’t miss!
Oct 1, 2014

The Therapeutic Legacy of Vincenc Priessnitz

Moravian spa in Jeseník holds primacy as the first hydrotherapy center in the world.
Sep 23, 2014

Czech St. Wenceslas Celebrations

Head to the Autumn Festival on the weekend of September 27 and 28, held in honor of St. Wenceslas!
Sep 16, 2014

Discover the Story of Czech Design

Czech cities open their arms to different areas of design!
Sep 8, 2014

This Year's News from Czech Zoos

In Czech zoos there is always something going on. Visit the Prague Zoo and meet the mysterious inhab
Aug 25, 2014

The End of Summer in the Czech Republic – the Perfect Time for Beer Tourism!

The Czech Republic is a country of beer, so no matter where you head, you always find a place where good be...
Aug 15, 2014

Places that Wine Lovers Must Visit in the Czech Republic

No summer is complete without taking part in a wine pilgrimage. Stroll through places where you can feel th...
Aug 6, 2014

The Popularity of Farmer's Markets in the Czech Republic Is Increasing

Savour the culinary delights of Czech regional producers and top chefs! Visit food festivals, farmers' mark...
Jul 30, 2014

Taste the World of Wine in the Czech Republic - Ice and Straw Wine

Taste wine with a distinctive aroma, a low alcohol content and a high sugar content that will remind you of...
Jul 22, 2014

Summer with the Sound of Roaring Engines

Summer in the Czech Republic is full of racing events. Come and revel in the smell of gasoline!
Jul 9, 2014

Celebration of Jazz in Czechia

Visit one of the biggest summer jazz festivals in Europe - Bohemia Jazz Fest, or jazz concerts under the St...
Jul 3, 2014

The Czech Republic is Full of Places for Family Outings to the Countryside

Discover the beauty of nature with children in the Czech Republic and take them with you on epic adventures...
Jun 26, 2014

The International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary is Just around the Corner

The largest gathering of film professionals and enthusiasts in the Czech Republic will take place July 4 to...
Jun 18, 2014

Czech Summer Festivals Full of Music and a Relaxing Atmosphere

Come and enjoy a summer full of great music and visit places you would otherwise never see!
Jun 9, 2014

Prague Museums for Free

Come and enjoy a feast of science, art and knowledge! On the night of June 14 you will get into Prague's mu...