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The winter season in the Czech mountains brings many new features

Thinking about where to go skiing this year? Try the Czech mountains, which offer quality slopes at affordable prices.

For this season 2013/14 many ski resorts throughout the Czech Republic have prepared a number of initiatives that include more advantageous passes, an expansion and improvement of the services offered and modifications to ski slopes and trails.

The Špindlerův Mlýn resort introduces new passes

The popular Špindlerův Mlýn ski resort in Krkonoše has taken the suggestions of skiers from past seasons to heart and is introducing special types of passes this year. Here you can buy a returnable pass, which will cost 850 CZK during the peak season, but if you return it within two hours, you will get 280 crowns back, and 170 crowns if within four hours. A transferable parent pass for 900 crowns can be used by partners taking turns watching the children. Children under six years old will still be able to ski for free. After the experience of last ski season, the Špindlerův Mlýn resort is introducing passes called “10 days of the season” and “15 days of the season”, which can be used for 10 or 15 days during the season that are not necessarily connected. Ticket prices for these passes range from 6000 to 8100 CZK.

Another of the main innovations at the Krkonoše ski resort is the enlargement of the slopes – basic changes have been made to the red and black slopes on Medvedín throughout nearly the entire length. The red trail in fact has become one of the largest ski slopes in the Czech Republic.

New lift in Šumava

The biggest surprise of this season for skiers who like to go to Šumava u Železné Rudy will be the new lift at Spodní Šance at the ski resort of Špičák. Pleasant family skiing can be had at the mild bottom of the otherwise black slope of Šance. Part of the 650 meter long slope is very mild and sufficiently wide. In addition the slope will be illuminated, allowing you to enjoy regular nighttime skiing. Season ticket prices remain at roughly the same level as last year – a one-day adult ski pass costs 560 crowns, while a family pass is 1270 crowns.

Entertainment and discounts at the Lipno ski resort

Not even the other side of Šumava is lagging behind. This year the Lipno ski resort will issue a loyalty pass called Lipno Joker, which the skier will keep throughout the season. After the fifth purchase of an all-day ski pass, which costs 600 crowns for an adult, the skier will receive a one-day pass for free for the sixth visit. Another new feature is the ability to top up ski passes over the Internet. All it takes is to buy a ski pass with a unique number during your first visit to the Lipno ski resort and after that you can easily top it up via the website, which is the easy choice for those who do not want to wait at the ticket counter. Every day on the slopes, a public slalom will be prepared for anyone to try and see what it’s like to be a competitor on skis. Another new feature is this year’s project for children called From Skis to Hopsária. This world of entertainment under a roof is designed mainly for children and is located at the aquatic paradise Lipno Aquaworld. You can also liven up your skiing with games and antics.

The longest ski run in Moravia

The Kouty nad Desnou ski resort in Jeseníky offers comfortable and safe skiing. This year will see the opening of a new blue slope for families with children measuring 3050 meters and an elevation of 520 meters. There aren’t many slopes in the Czech Republic that exceed 3 km, but this one is clearly the longest one in Moravia.

The other two slopes in the resort have elevations of 100 meters. Being over 50 meters wide, they offer plenty of room for wide carving turns. The total length of the trail in Kouty is 11.5 km and the biggest attraction at the resort is a modern six-seater chairlift, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. Children and beginners have a belt lift at the Heliaschool Ski School. For cross-country skiers, there is a trail at an altitude of 1100 – 1300 meters, with the possibility of visiting the high dam of Dlouhá Strána.