Veltrusy ChateauVeltrusy Chateau2
Dobříš ChateauDobříš Chateau3
Jemniště ChateauJemniště Chateau4
Milotice ChateauMilotice Chateau5
Kroměříž ChateauKroměříž Chateau6
Buchlovice ChateauBuchlovice Chateau7
Prague Castle GardenPrague Castle Garden8
Lednice ChateauLednice Chateau9

The most beautiful chateau gardens

Want to see what paradise could look like?

Visit the most beautiful chateau parks and gardens in the Czech Republic! What does a chateau garden need for you to remember it as one of the most beautiful? All styles can be found in the Czech Republic: complicated, ornamental French gardens with bushes pruned into a variety of shapes, fresh English parks with romantic buildings, and numerous variations.