Veltrusy Chateau Veltrusy Chateau 2
Dobříš Chateau Dobříš Chateau 3
Jemniště Chateau Jemniště Chateau 4
Milotice Chateau Milotice Chateau 5
Kroměříž Chateau Kroměříž Chateau 6
Buchlovice Chateau Buchlovice Chateau 7
Prague Castle Garden Prague Castle Garden 8
Lednice Chateau Lednice Chateau 9

The most beautiful chateau gardens

Want to see what paradise could look like?

Visit the most beautiful chateau parks and gardens in the Czech Republic! What does a chateau garden need for you to remember it as one of the most beautiful? All styles can be found in the Czech Republic: complicated, ornamental French gardens with bushes pruned into a variety of shapes, fresh English parks with romantic buildings, and numerous variations.