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A social event full of grace and elegance – opening of the Czech spa season

Choose one of the famous Czech spas and come celebrate the magnificent opening of this year’s season!

The start of the new spa season in most Czech spas takes place in May. Spring is in full swing and the days are filled with walks, rests and wellness activities. Why not head off to a Czech spa and attend the ceremonial consecration of the waters? Or would you prefer a promenade concert, boat trip or fashion show?

The start of the new season in Karlovy Vary is traditionally connected with the consecration of the mineral waters and a celebration of spring on 3 and 4 May. A historical procession winds its way through the whole town headed by the town’s founder King Charles IV. There are concerts, a craft fair and a whole range of additional programmes. You can also look forward to the wonderful spa wafers, fireworks and the gala ceremony in the Grand Hotel Pupp.

For a taste of spa wafers, liqueurs and cakes, on 4 May head to Lednice, a spa town in South Moravia. In addition to the ceremonial consecration of the waters, a rich programme for children and adults and a craft fair is prepared in the spa. Another great way to enjoy the May Celebrations is a boat trip through the castle parks or a trip on an antique steam engine train.

The start of the new season in Mariánské Lázně features concerts, popular actors and singers, open house days in the local theatres and museums, charity golf tournaments and a celebratory mass, all of which take place on the second weekend in May. The celebrations will also include a new composition for the Singing Fountain, one of the spa’s main attractions. The fountain operates daily from the end of April to the end of October. At the last performances at 9 and 10 p.m. the music and water effects are also accompanied by a light show.

The opening ceremony and consecration of the waters in Luhačovice, the most famous Moravian spa, is accompanied by a big celebration. The start of the new spa season takes place from 10 to 12 May and is in the spirit of the peaceful atmosphere of the start of the last century. You can look forward to Art Nouveau costumes and colourful folk costumes, antique cars, concerts in the colonnade and a fun programme for the whole family.

A week later, on 18 and 19 May, the new spa season will kick off in Františkovy Lázně. This year’s celebrations are even more special than usual, because the town will be celebrating its 220th anniversary. The programme features consecration of the waters, promenade concerts, performances by majorettes and fencers and a procession through the town. And if you want to rest, relax, get a massage or unwind in a sauna, you can take advantage of the local Aquaforum!

From May 25 to 26 you can attend the opening ceremony of the 859th spa season in Teplice. This is a major social event for the town’s residents as well as visitors to the spa, which includes an entertainment programme with dozens of concerts as well as consecration of the waters. As in other places, here in the oldest Czech spa this tradition is based on old pagan rituals connected with the opening of wells. And like in the old times it now aims to symbolically preserve the life-giving energy and healing power of this natural resource.

Be there, have fun and get recharged for the new season!