Welcome to the land of stories

19. 8. 2013

Come to the Czech Republic to discover extraordinary stories!

Let us offer some inspiration for your journeys, during which you will learn about the uncommon fates of people, monuments and the countryside. Your story is just beginning …

Fateful encounters in Prague

In Prague, you will start to believe in destiny. The city whose celestial glory was foretold even before its founding still inspires romantic pronouncements today. Stroll through Prague in the footsteps of famous astronomers or recall the brilliant music composers who worked here. When your head starts to spin from the all the sharp Cubist angles, relax at some of the places popular with Prague residents themselves

Český Krumlov in a time loop

The streets of Český Krumlov could whisper stories about alchemists seeking the elixir of youth and artists for whom the historical city on the river Vltava became both asylum and inspiration. Its Renaissance splendour has dazzled not only painters but also musicians and opera singers, who come here every year for the renowned music festival.

Spas with a stellar afterglow

At some times an oasis of calm in the midst of nature, and at other times a bustling centre of social life – the metamorphosis of Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně is wondrous, and you can wholeheartedly indulge yourself in both sides of these spas. The sweet life never tasted as good as it does here!

Treasures of South Moravia

South Moravia with its vineyards and monuments is one of the loveliest corners of the Czech Republic, but its greatest treasures lie hidden underground. In Pálava, excellent wine has been cultivated for centuries, and an ordinary tourist will quickly turn into an enthusiastic wine connoisseur here. If you’re wondering where to begin your wine journey, the ancient town of Mikulov with its Italianate charm is the perfect place …

Guardians of the secret

The castle custodian is a figure associated with legends and stories, and keepers of the medieval Loket Castle are no exception. At one time it was a prison for a Roman emperor, then the backdrop for the ageing poet Goethe’s unrequited love, and more recently the setting for James Bond’s action-packed adventures. The Baroque Kuks Hospital witnessed considerably more dismal events. The splendid dream of a world-famous spa in Kuks was washed away by water during a single night, leaving a wonderful island of Baroque art for modern-day castaways.

For more information about the Czech Republic – land of stories, visit: stories.czechtourism.com

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