L'area sciistica di Lysá hora

19. 9. 2013

Un'esperienza indimenticabile per gli sciatori esperti!

Alla stessa altezza come sul Monte Praděd, ma con una veduta ancora più bella, potrete godervi lo sci sulla Lysá Hora. Dalla montagna più alta dei Monti Beskydy della Moravia-Slesia si offrono vedute indimenticabili sulle cime circostanti, a partire dal leggendario Radhošť, i Monti dei Frassini e gli Alti Tatra. C'è un solo problema: dovete avere fortuna con il meteo.

Six months’ skiing per year at Lysá hora

As far as views are concerned, Lysá hora (1,323 m) is first-class. Under ideal conditions, which, however, only occur for a few days every year, you can even see, far in the north-west, the highest peak in the Czech Republic, Mount Sněžka, 200 km from Lysá hora as the crow flies.

Nor is Lysá hora lacking in snow, with a layer over 1.5 m thick regularly covering the area. Natural snow mostly stays from November until the end of April, meaning that skiers don’t even need artificial snow.

At slightly less than 400 m in length and with an elevation of 67 m, the piste is not too demanding. The surrounding area includes several marked cross-country routes, with several mountain chalets offering refreshments for hungry and thirsty skiers.

Lysá hora on snowshoes

Lysá hora also represents a challenge for ski mountaineers and lovers of a snowshoe tours, who, or course, don’t use pistes, but tracks around the marked hiking trails.

One of the shortest trails leads from the north, from where you’ll get the best views of Lysá hora. The route starts at the Petr Bezruč Hotel near the village of Malenovice, in the Satina river valley. Following the trail via Malchor and Ivančena, the excursion lasts two to three hours according to how fast you go. A more comfortable way up is along the asphalt road from Papežov, with an elevation of 720 m along its 7 km distance.

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