Czech Hotels with Tradition Czech Hotels with Tradition Hundred year old dandy /n/hotel-tradition/ News
A pulsating city for all pleasures A pulsating city for all pleasures Warning from the heart of Europe: This city will make your pulse race! /a/prague Prague
UNESCO monuments UNESCO monuments Architectural gems on the UNESCO list in Kutná Hora /a/unesco Cultural heritage
Bohemian Switzerland Bohemian Switzerland Please tread lightly! You are entering paradise. /s/hrensko-soutesky-walk/ Active holiday
Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary Please take note: This beautiful town is good for what ails you! /a/health-spa Spa & wellness
Discover the Czech countryside Discover the Czech countryside Šumava National Park /a/protected-areas Protected areas



Czech Festival CZECH THE LIGHT Begins

The project CZECH THE LIGHT is being kicked off and will culminate in the Signal light festival in Prague! read more view all

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